Sunday Notes November 9 2014


Congratulations to State Rep. Dave Nangle who continues to be the local leader in bi-partisan politics. Rep. Nangle is showing that supporting the person over the party isn’t career killing and is an example for all politicians. He gets the fact we need to work together to move head and that the bitterness and ugliness of partisan politics can be avoided and that supporting a good person over a party standard bearer is okay. I wish more elected officials followed in Rep. Nangle’s footsteps and they supported who they felt was the best person over the dam party.

BTW listening on WCAP at work, aside from Rita Mercier, Dave Nangle was the funniest guy at the Salvation Army Breakfast IMHO.

On the flip side that showed the ugliness of partisan attack politics the Garry / Richardson fight was a text book battle of what is wrong in Washington that had spread down to the state battles. BOTH sides should be ashamed and embarrassed by their childish, bullying behavior and personal attacks. If there is a Garry / Richardson round 3 the people of Dracut should pray for an unenrolled 3rd party candidate and elect them over either one because the town is or at least should be better than the crap that the citizens had to hear, read and watch on a cable show whose host have had their own political / ethical issues. I have to wonder if Colleen’s supporters hurt her more than helped her by sinking down to the mud-fight level and ended up making the margin of victory closer than it should have been. Colleen should have rolled in that race based on her strong voting record for her district. Getting down in the mud or even the perception of getting down in the mud because you are associated with certain supporters I believe hurt her when she deserved to have a 60% – 40% runaway.

The Mass Fiscal Alliance was also a huge loser with their millions spent on half truth and slanted mailings against many Democratic candidates and it leaves people wondering , where did they get their funding?

Fred Bahou put on a decent campaign for State Rep. but after getting into a car accident calling into WCAP Election day to whine that the finding of fault was released for political purposes and saying “I think it’s tough to beat the establishment.” after losing shows some of the poor judgement Bahou has shown while serving at the Tech. One of the main reasons he lost is that once you meet Rady Mom one on one as I had the pleasure of doing yesterday, you realize what a smart, sincere and charismatic person this man is. The voters elected someone with a personality and warmth which always wins. They also selected someone who won’t embarrass the district blaming others for their own stupidity and saying or doing dumb things.

Now that the Statewide races are over eyes and speculation turns toward the City Council and School Committee and once again the handling or mis-handling of Supt.’s contract will and should be front and center. This committee has a history of giving the Supt. a positive review in public but in private, shanking them in the back. We saw it in the case of Chris Scott and again with the last contract for Jean Franco.

This week, the Committee gave Supt. Franco a proficient rating on their evaluations Wednesday night. Franco received praise for curriculum in the four pronged evaluation, filled out individually by all seven members.

The group highlighted needs in budgeting, hiring and other areas, grading her overall one step below the highest “ exemplary” grade. Yet they yanked their original contract at the last minute, gave her a one year deal and in all likelihood with be searching for a new Supt. at the beginning of 2015 an election year.

The public has replaced at least 2 members over the past two election cycles and based again on their inability to properly negotiate in a respectful way and having to again look for a new Supt. long serving members like Connie Martin and Dave Conway could be the most likely members to be in trouble.

As for the speculation some Committee members may want to try to jump to the Council, they should reconsider. Dave Conway would not make the leap to the Council even if he tries, Steve Gendron could if he wants to. Jim Leary will have to explain to the voters that he isn’t running for Council just to try to climb the political ladder after running for State Rep. after just getting re-elected to the Committee. Kristen Ross Sitcawich has lost a council race before , is already on the LHA and works for CTI which has various city contracts, to many potential conflicts to make a successful jump.

Speaking of conflicts, will voting on 3 license commissioners and parking in the downtown (meters in front of his business) along with his comments on the Social Services in Lowell hurt Councilor Belanger if he tries for another term? Never mind the fact he ran a Public Safety focused campaign and violence is up on his watch.

It will be interesting to see if Fred Doyle runs again. He used to go after the Manager and was funded by those who didn’t like Manager Lynch but are supporters of Manager Murphy so Fred has no targets and no one’s money supporting him so like all puppets, maybe he has been put away because he’s outdated and no longer fun to watch or play with.

Doyle tried to make Jim Cook and Bill Samaras issues last year but both seem to be working well with Manager Murphy and since Samaras voted for Murphy and his son got promoted, Samaras has been a stamp for Murphy.

Of the current Council, Councilors Milinazzo and Martin are rumored to not be running and Councilor Leahy who was the sole vote against Murphy in the original vote and many thought might be targeted in 2015 has since been thisclose to Mayor Elliott and Councilor Belanger and has mended fences and I don’t think will be targeted.

Rumored names to run for council abound including a well-respected former School Committee member / political activist to Ted Panos saying he is considering a School Committee run to another rumored JMAC run (Campaign Co-Chairs Ed Howe and Jim Bowen refused to comment.) No one yet has made any announcement.

There could be a Fred Doyle type running or commenting on the election I suppose. If someone chose to run and really wanted to make some Councilors sweat, they could by having them address issues like a candidates history and treatment of women (“Just because you lose in court doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong ) or the waste of time and dollars spent on the Surveillance issue for Personal payback / family vendetta or voting for the License Commission members when you own a bar, but I’m not sure we will see that.

One hopes we don’t see sock puppets again or the slanted, bias media coverage we saw in 2013. Let’s focus on the lack of economic development, the increase in violence and the requirement for higher taxes to maintain services and transparency in Gov’t which we haven’t heard one word about from this Council since April and which candidates will work to improve Lowell for all citizens not just the downtown businesses.

Finally if you recall the kerfuffle over the Dracut Middle School 8th graders not being brought to the Greater Lowell Tech for the first time in many years, you would remember I spoke with Supt. Stone who in part stated that he supports Vocational Education but also values the limited class time students have during the day and that the district has chosen to keep the students in the classroom.

Then why am I hearing about early dismissal for Dracut High School students and a trip for 8th grade Dracut students to tour the “New” Dracut High School? What about the limited class time students have during the day?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Notes November 9 2014

  1. So much to say…as for Nangle, I am on his side. Despite some of the rabid Democrats out there, we need bipartisan politics more than ever. We cannot continue to disagree with someone just because they are a (gasp) Republican. That does NOT mean I support the Republican line of bull, it just means we need to learn to work with them.
    As for Garry /Richardson , i would vote for Garry if I lived in that area. I have met Richardson and there is a former connection that I would rather not to admit to in public

  2. Gerry
    Regarding gridlock in DC, why is Senator Harry Reid never mentioned.  I think it is time to take a rest and see how it goes in January.  And, regarding the race up north, I don’t think a third party candidate has a chance.  Look at your reaction to Fred Bahou.
    Regards  —  Cliff

  3. I am not sure I follow all of this, but WRT Dr Chris A Scott [“We saw it in the case of Chris Scott”] I think that her inability to understand the totality of “It is easier to get forgiveness than permission” led her into some problems with the School Committee.  The Ask for Forgiveness part.  Sorry to see her go, but I thought the handwriting was on the wall before the lack of contract renewal.
    Regards  —  Cliff
    PS:  Have I mentioned the lack of Print Preview?

  4. “He gets the fact we need to work together to move head and that the bitterness and ugliness of partisan politics can be avoided …”

    My fricken sides hurt from laughing so hard.

    This guy wage jihad behind the scenes, trying to nix the appointment of a very sweet soul that wanted to join the Library Board of Trustees. (Rita: That’s “lieberry” to you.)

    Nangle is a self-serving opportunist, who exploits every angle for him and the cronies that keep in on the Beacon Hill EBT card. Take a look at how Nangle lives large, not only on his Rep pay, but his campaign war chest. Apparently, meeting with ‘constituents’ at Kitty’s in North Reading is a thing. Oh, maybe minority leader Brad Jones (NR-R) is what Dave may call a ‘constituent?’ Not likely, Brad would never stoop.

    There are cards up Nangle’s sleeve. Since him, Belanger, JMac & Daly were all riding Charlie’s tip; we may want to keep an eye under the table shenanigans at the MSBA’s process to decide what happens with the High School’s future.

    Nangle’s been shilling for the ouster of the LHS from the corner of Arcand and Fr. Morissette. Even before the AM Infomercials started humming the crooked tune.

    Nangle’s got an angle. It’s the only reason he drives South from NH.

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