City Election Numbers

Some people thought Lowell had a “HUGE” Turnout when in fact the turnout was approximately 36%.

That is good especially compared to a City Council Election but no where close to the 50% some poll workers and others had thought.

What is sometimes confusing is when you look at the results that are issued by the Election Office because they don’t really explain them.

For example, they are Un-Official until the Election Commissioners meet and approve them later this month.

Although it states at the top of the Election Results that we have 57489 Registered Voters and Cards Cast 41520 it doesn’t explain that because of the two page ballot the turnout was approximately 36% not the 72% you see listed or that some ballots are hand counted which is why if you divide the 41520 you get 20760 instead of the 20998 which is the number you see in most cases for ballots cast.

For those wondering- When it says Time Counted what does that mean? That would be the number of cards that were scanned by the AccuVote machine

You may noticed in the Statewide Races and 3 of the 4 ballot questions the numbers are 20998/57489 but for the individual State Rep races the numbers vary and the Total for Question 4 is also different.

The State Rep numbers are different because each district had a different ballot. If you add the number of cards cast in those three races it would equal 20,998.

Question 4 was on a second page and it is possible that the second page was placed in the hand count compartment if it was not accepted by the AccuVote machine. If that is the case, the figures will be adjusted for the official results that will be voted on by the commission.

Some people like to see how many “Blanks” were cast, it’s easy to figure out take the number of Times Counted Minus the Number of Total Votes and that should give you the amount of Blanks.

Example: State Rep Tom Golden – 6,268 Counted out of 16,633 Registered in his Lowell District (Chel not included) – He received 5,114 , there were 113 Write In names so that equals 5,227 Votes Counted

So if 6,268 were recorded in Total and 5,227 were counted for candidates and write – ins that leaves 1,059 Blanks

For Dave Nangle – 8,139 Total out of 20,919 – 6,474 counted (6,235 for Dave, 239 Write- ins) 1,665 Blanks

In the 18th we saw ONLY 6,591 out of 19,937 votes counted, (Rady Mom received 3847 , Fred Bahou 2386 and 20 Write in ) for a total of 6253 leaving only 338 Blanks

Tom Golden’s District had a 37.7% Turnout – Dave Nangles – 38.9 % and Rady Mom’s 33.1 % the lowest with the only contested race.

Imagine if we could get 36% to turn out for a City Council Election!

Here are the Vote Total results from the City Election Office. Remember No City Council meeting this week due to Veterans Day.

Election Results 1 of 2Election 2 of 2

2 thoughts on “City Election Numbers

  1. Small subject change: as I stood in line with my ballot to check out of the voting process at the Senior Center, I was able to see, with no effort at all, the votes of the folks ahead of me in line. I tried to find some way to hold MY ballot to keep it private, but with the two pages and the stiff stock, no simple solution was evident.

    Lowell is not alone. Everywhere I have voted in MA has the same problem, but when I mention it to the election mavens they simply look at me blankly — I think they’ve been looking at addresses for too long. And I’ve never really started a crusade. When it rains, is can’t fix the leak in the roof; when it’s sunny, I don’t need to fix the leak in the roof.

    As I say, an almost trivial irritation, in a life that seems to be attracting small irritations.

  2. Being the one who initially jumped to the wrong conclusion about turnout, due to the State Software dividing apples into oranges and coming up with carrots.  It is amazing that the perfect score is 200%.  To whom was that obvious?

    I am not sure I buy your story on the number difference for the second card.  Partly, yes, but not totally.

    There is more to learn.

    Regards  —  Cliff

    PS:  Print Preview would be nice.

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