City apologizes for any inconvenience for Market St. Paving


On Facebook, I found that several residents were upset about the paving on Market St. last night. I know the city had anticipated getting that done sooner and posted an update last week that stated they hoped it would be Sunday night, 11/2/14 with a chance it may be started sooner (perhaps tomorrow Wednesday night 10/29/14.)

However because of the weather and other things it was delayed and the communication of the delay and new schedule didn’t reach many citizens.

I emailed and asked the City Administration for comment and they were kind enough to offer this response.

First the City apologizes for any inconvenience residents experienced during the paving of Market Street on Monday night. Unfortunately because we are fast approaching the end of the paving cycle for this year many changes occur at the last moment. The paving dates did change a number of times due to schedule changes from contractors and the weather also factors in as well. Police details, as well as John Gleason from the Engineers office were present on the job site. The Engineers office is looking into creating a Twitter account solely for their department. Detail officers located on the Central Street side of Market Street were directing people down Middle Street, left onto Palmer in the opposite direction and straight across into the Market Street garage. Once again we regret any inconvenience and we plan on reassessing the notification process.

2 thoughts on “City apologizes for any inconvenience for Market St. Paving

  1. Paving a street like Market Street is never an easy task, one solution pleases all situation. If you do it in the daytime, the businesses scream. If you do it at night, the residents are unhappy. It sounds like the city is working on doing a better job at notification, and that is the important thing.

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