What took so Long to Fix W. Sixth St. Firehouse? and Why doesn’t Councilor Belanger Know?


City Councilor Corey Belanger has this item on the agenda this week:

10.4. C. Belanger – Req. City Mgr. have West 6th Street Firehouse inspected for possible roof repair.

My question is, what the heck has taken so long to fix this roof? If memory serves me correct (and I may be mistaken) it seems to me that in the 2014 Capital Improvement Budget passed when the Lynch Administration was in place last July, it included funding for a new roof for the West Sixth St. station.

So why didn’t a bid go out BEFORE October 1 of this year? If everyone knew the roof was in fact leaking and in need of repair, why did it take the City 10 months to send out the bid?

D. Project Schedule is as follows:
Project out to bid ………………………….October 1, 2014
General Bids Due…………………………October 27, 2014
A contract is expected to be promptly awarded to the lowest responsible and eligible bidder. The construction phase is expected to occur during fall 2014.

Why since a bid is already out to repair the roof, is Councilor Belanger filing a motion to “Inspect the Roof?” and Why doesn’t he already know that a bid is being open and presumably awarded today to fix the roof? Doesn’t he ask the Manager or Asst. Manager before he files a motion that seems to be a waste of time?

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