Councilor Rourke suggest City apply for some Art Funds

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One of the motions on this week’s Council Agenda is from Councilor Dan Rourke

Move that the city submits an application for the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge

The Councilor was kind enough to share with me the link to the site, it sounds like something that Lowell would have a good shot at, assuming they can find some additional community partners and private / public funding.

Here’s a bit of what the program is about.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Launches Public Art Challenge for Cities across the United States

Inviting Mayors to Apply for funding that will Support Innovative Public Art Projects

Bloomberg Philanthropies is launching a new program to support temporary public art projects that engage communities, enhance creativity and enrich the vibrancy of cities. Bloomberg Philanthropies is inviting mayors in cities with 30,000 residents or more to submit proposals for innovative temporary public art projects that demonstrate close collaboration between artists, or arts organizations and city government. At least three cities will be selected to receive up to $1 million each over two years.

“Public art projects play a vital role in bringing new energy to cities – along with new visitors and more economic activity,” said Michael R. Bloomberg. “New York City hosted nearly 500 temporary public art installations during my time as mayor, and we saw just how powerful they can be. Bloomberg Philanthropies remains strongly committed to supporting public art and artists – and to helping more citizens experience familiar places in exciting new ways.”

As part of the program, the Bloomberg Philanthropies grant will cover development, execution and project related expenditures but will not fund 100% of project costs. The grant is intended to provide catalytic funds as part of a strong, committed consortium of supporters. Submissions for visual and performing arts, including multimedia installations, will be considered. Applications will be evaluated on their ability to develop and execute dynamic public art projects that establish or strengthen public-private partnerships between local government and other funders, and include strong audience engagement strategies as well as a commitment to evaluating outcomes and impact on the host city.

“The Public Art Challenge is an incredible opportunity to transform the way cities embrace creativity and prompt public-private partnerships to support the arts,” said Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter. “Art should not only be accessible in museums and theaters, but also in public spaces, encouraging citizens to appreciate new forms of expression every day. I want to thank Bloomberg Philanthropies for pursuing this innovative initiative in support of public art programming.”

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