Manager Murphy hires paid mostly under budgeted Salaries


City Manager Kevin Murphy who was himself hired at less that what the former Manager was being paid,( at $175,00 with no previous experience, The previous Manager with 26 years experience was making $183,864.00) has hired some good people to fill important positions and in most cases has brought them in under the approved budgeted salary.

I found only two instances where he has brought in someone at slightly over what the position was approved for (In the case of the 3rd Asst. City Manager he created this eliminating Asst. to the City Manager pos). In one instance he brought someone in at the exact salary of his predecessor.

The only question I have is if he intends to use the Jr. Data Analysis position that is now vacant and the salary budgeted for that slot, to pay the Administrative Assistant Position in his office that he filled last week.

Since he has a bad habit of NOT announcing salaries when he informs the SUN of a new hire (He has NOT issued Press Releases on hirings) I thought I’d share with you what the 2015 budget was for that position and what the position is actually getting paid. (It is all public information)

If he had announced at the time of hiring or in one of his “media” appearances and let people know that while he is employing good, qualified people for these positions, he is doing so while saving the city some money in the process, I think many people would be happy and impressed with that strategy. It benefits the city.

As the Lowell Sun stated just last year Open and transparent government — there’s a lot to like about it, Mr. Manager.

B= Budget / CPP – Current Persons Pay

B- Asst. to City Manager $ 83,988
CPP – Assistant City Manager $87,310. ($3,322 Over Budget)

B- Data Analyst $ 65,853
CPP – Data Management Analyst $63,007 ($2,846.00 Under Budget)

B- Jr. Data Analyst $ 50,093
CPP – Jr. Data Management Analyst $0 Vacant

B – Chief Financial Officer $ 118,325
CPP – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) $102,831 ($15,484.00 Under Budget)

B – AssistantCity Manager/Director DPD $ 121,283
CPP – Assistant City Manager/Director DPD $114,494.64 ($6,789.00 Under Budget)

B-Dep. Dir.(Planning, Community & Economic Dev) $ 96,291
CPP – Deputy Director- Planning and Community Development $87,310 ($8,981 Under Budget)

B -Downtown/Special Events Coordinator $ 60,636
CPP -Special Events Coordinator $62,462 ($1,826 Over Budget)

B – WATER Executive Director $ 102,552
CPP – Executive Director Water Utility – $102,552

B – Administrative Assistant (City Manager’s Office) $0 NOT IN BUDGET
CPP -Administrative Assistant (City Manager’s Office) Filled 10/14 DOH still pending $40,516.32

Interim Financial Advisor Robert Healy $34,519.68/annual $66.3837/hour
(NO Ref to where / what line item this is charged to)

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