Control Issues or Staff Inexperience ? Why does Manager want to cancel 11/25 meeting?


Vote-Cancel Council Meetings 11/11 and 11/25/14

I can understand canceling the Veterans Day City Council Meeting but I can’t understand the reason (and there has been none given publicly) to cancel the November 25th meeting aside from the fact it is the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

Maybe City Manager Murphy is more of a control guy than people accused Manager Lynch of being? Rumors around Lynch said that the Manager didn’t want Dept. heads responding to Councilors and had to inform him before talking to a Councilor or media person.

Rumors about Manager Murphy say Asst. Manager Mike McGovern must clear everything first. Maybe Murphy doesn’t want the Council to meet without him being there less someone says something he doesn’t want said?

Maybe he plans to be away that week and due to the inexperience of his staff in Municipal Gov’t, he wants to protect them and just cancel the meeting. New Asst. City Manager Tradd who has worked for the City for years but is not part of the usual Tuesday meeting and hasn’t had to respond to the Council. Mike McGovern who until July was employed as Greater Lowell Technical High School’s coordinator of school information/school foundation is new to the Tuesday meetings. Conner Baldwin the CFO has only been in place for a few months but based on his performance during the budget hearings, could probably handle any questions from the Council.

Ralph Snow the DPW Director / Asst City Manager has held that position longer than Tradd or McGovern but isn’t really a Murphy insider and even under Lynch never served as Acting Manager.

Control Issues or Inexperience, why else should the meeting be cancelled?

Explanation Please!

Here’s a look at what the 2014 Budget for the Manager’s Office was:

CITY MANAGER $ 183,864 Asst. to City Manager $ 79,760 Executive Assistant $ 51,524
Data Analyst $ 62,541 Jr. Data Analyst $ 48,858 Neighborhood Coordinator $ 66,679
Administrative Assistant $ 42,593

Now here’s a look at the 2015 Budget submitted for the Manager’s Office:

CITY MANAGER $ 175,000 Asst. to City Manager $ 83,988 Executive Assistant $55,710
Data Analyst $ 65,853 Jr. Data Analyst $ 50,093 Neighborhood Coordinator $ 68,346

Notice there is no Line Item in the submitted budget for the Administrative Assistant Position and yet we know that the job was at least advertised. Is someone doing the job? If so where are the funds coming from?

There’s also the question of where the extra $3,100 that was not in the budget for the New Asst. City Manager position is coming from. The budget line for the Asst. to the Manager was $83,988 not the $87,000 the SUN reported that the new position pays.

Job Elimination?

Is the City eliminating the junior data analyst position? Since promoting Rodney Conley to become the data-management analyst August 1st have they advertised or hired for this position? There is no person listed in the City directory with this title.

That job was budgeted for $50,093 which would cover the Administrative Assistant Position along with the Extra $3,100 that was not in the budget for the New Asst. City Manager and still leave a surplus in the payroll budget for the Manager’s Office.

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