LHA Designated a High Performing Public Housing Agency

GN: Sharing Good News from the Lowell Housing Authority


Dear Stakeholders:

I am pleased to announce that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has declared that the Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) has achieved the designation of High Performing Public Housing Agency. HUD recently informed me that the LHA received a Public Housing Assessment Score (PHAS) score of 90 points for the most recent fiscal year ending September 30, 2013.

The PHAS system is used by HUD to annually evaluate and measure the performance of the LHA on the major programs it administers. The public housing program is evaluated on the basis of four (4) areas including; Physical, Financial, Management and Capital funds.

This score is an exceptional achievement given the age of our developments and the declining financial resources. I credit the team approach for the achievement. Our concept of team consists of everyone from residents, maintenance, management and finance staff and our Board of Commissioners.

There is much strategic thinking and planning that goes into running the agency and it is through this process with our team that we were able attain this kind of success.

I would like to thank our HUD field representatives in Boston for their guidance and assistance.

Additionally, I need to recognize our partnerships with the Lowell Police Department and non-profit groups that help improve the quality of life for our residents.

The recognition as “High Performer” will give the LHA flexibility and creativity in administering the agency as well as future grant opportunities and financial rewards for additional modernization funds.

I am extremely proud of our agency and this designation is testimony to our good work.

Gary Wallace
Executive Director.

1 thought on “LHA Designated a High Performing Public Housing Agency

  1. Have the past issues associated with the price of renovations been resolved? At one time the SUN (and maybe some councilors) were indicating a potential $11M recoupment by the government, a price that was ridiculous on its face, but maybe used to make political points.

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