Question for State Rep Candidate Rady Mom, why the Radio Silence?


As many of you are aware, I’m a regular fixture on WCAP’s Saturday Morning Live. Warren Shaw host and he and I often have different views on the issue of the day, week and we have some good discussion and dialogue.

As you may also know from reading this blog WCAP’s Ted Panos, John MacDonald, Tom Duggan and I don’t agree on to many of the same issues or political candidates. That is one of the benefits of local radio, you get to hear various views and viewpoints by the host, guest and callers.

One thing the 4 of us do agree on is the importance of local radio. WCAP offers the people of Greater Lowell a chance to have their local, state and sometimes National leaders and candidates heard and the opportunity for listeners to call in and ask the candidates questions.

You also know from this and my original blog, that Fred Bahou and I have had our share of differences. The one thing I will give Fred credit for is even though I have “attacked” him, he never ignores an email or phone call and has always answered any questions or invitation I have sent him in a respectful, professional way.

Isn’t that what is missing in politics today? Someone willing to stand up and be respectful and willing to answer?

So I’m in total shock that 18th Middlesex State Rep. candidate Rady Mom and the people who advise him would not want him to avail himself of the time offered on many shows. On top of that, to not have the decency, courtesy or plain out manners to respond to email and voice messages is just downright rude!

Each show may have their own personal view but I have yet to hear any host who has a guest on, be rude or purposely try to embarrass or make the guest look bad. We all get the fact that this person is willing to give up their time to do “our” show so while we all ask questions, none of us that I can recall set out to embarrass any candidate, elected official or guest.

If you want to represent the city or a portion of it, don’t count on the fact that just because you are a Democrat, or a minority or have the Democratic machine endorsing you, that you can just walk into a position while not giving the people of the district you want to represent along with the entire city and Greater Lowell area, the chance to hear your views on a variety of issues.

The fact you may be “walking” the district is a wonderful thing, but ducking the media and the hometown radio station is a foolish strategy and Rady Mom and his “handlers” should at the very least respond to invitations to appear.

What is the harm in acting in a grown up responsible, respectful manner and say No thanks to people who have tried to be fair and give you the opportunity to present yourself to the people of the 18th Middlesex District?

So here is my 1 question for 18th Middlesex State Rep. Candidate Rady Mom…WHY THE RADIO SILENCE??

PS: To be 100% Clear, my views do not represent Warren Shaw, Sam Poulten, WCAP, its staff or advertisers.


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