Was it something I said?


According to a new Sun Story:Lumbra wouldn’t be taking the Lowell job at all.

LOWELL — The city’s new treasurer was supposed to start his first day on the job Monday, but alerted the city by email late Sunday night that he wouldn’t be taking the job after all.

Jon Lumbra, the treasurer in Holyoke, “was clearly the top choice for the job,” Lowell City Manager Kevin Murphy said Monday morning. But Lumbra told The Republican, the Springfield newspaper, that he planned to work both jobs for some amount of time to finish his work in Holyoke.

Lowell officials were surprised to hear of that plan but were open to letting Lumbra finish his Holyoke duties on nights and weekends during a transition period, Murphy said.

They were more surprised to find out Lumbra wouldn’t be taking the Lowell job at all. Murphy didn’t find out the new hire changed his mind until after getting into City Hall Monday morning.

“It was a little disheartening he behaved this way,” Murphy said of Lumbra’s decision, delivered by email.

Manager Murphy while on City Life this morning, indicated Lumbra would be focusing on the Lowell job and in fact at some point would move to Lowell.

That was after Lumbra posted on his Facebook page: “In closing I love my hometown and have no plans on moving away anytime soon. Once my service as the elected Treasurer is over, I will seek other ways to continue serving Holyoke.

I hadn’t even once mentioned this knowing how strongly the Mayor and Councilor Belanger feel about defending woman, I didn’t want to cloud the issue of him holding two full time jobs.

The city in February had to pay former city employee Donna J. Dowdall $60,000 to settle a lawsuit. That came after Dowdall said she was discriminated against and wrongfully terminated by Mayor Alex B. Morse in January 2012. Lumbra was a defendant in that case.

Lumbra also is accused of discriminating against city employee Patricia Tenney in a June 2011 complaint that remains active before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), MCAD spokesman Keith Haley said Thursday.

Lumbra also is among five defendants, including Mayor Alex B. Morse, in a civil case in Hampden Superior Court in which Fire Department employee Jeanette Berrios and former city staff attorney Charles Lavelle say they were wrongfully terminated by Morse in January 2012.

2 thoughts on “Was it something I said?

  1. From what just read , I would have to agree with Jerry Flynn. Lowell already has some MCAD suits going, we do not need another potential one. And , frankly, i did not think he should be allowed to do 2 jobs ( and and run a business?) all at once. Lowell would definitely not be getting his full attention.

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