It was clear it was going to be an uphill battle on my part to convince my family to make the move,”


It seems that Holyoke Treasurer Jon Lumbra is a bit of a wild man in search of more dough instead of a new or different opportunity .

You would think before accepting a job 90 minutes away you would have talked things over with your family.

In a post on MASS LIVE it says: Lumbra was scheduled to begin as Lowell treasurer-collector Monday (Oct. 6) but after visiting the city Sunday with his wife and three children, he said Monday he decided against taking a job that would have required he commute 90 minutes each way….”Reality just set in….It was clear it was going to be an uphill battle on my part to convince my family to make the move,” Lumbra said.

Wait on his FACEBOOK page the other day he said :“In closing I love my hometown and have no plans on moving away anytime soon. Once my service as the elected Treasurer is over, I will seek other ways to continue serving Holyoke. (That is NOW Deleted from his Page)

So was he really ever moving? He sounds like a Politician in search of more money ANYWHERE he can find it.

Today’s story has the following: Nothing is imminent in terms of him hooking another job, but he is considering options.

“There’s always things out there. I think the short-term answer to that is, yes. I think everybody is looking because if you’re not, you’re complacent,” Lumbra said.

Lumbra said the city needs to modernize its financial operations such as by combining the treasurer and tax collection positions and increasing salaries to attract quality candidates.

The Holyoke treasurer’s yearly salary is $70,016.

Murphy told viewers on City Life there was a “misunderstanding” about him working both jobs but this story seems to be more accurate:

Another surprise for Lowell City Manager Kevin J. Murphy and other Lowell officials was that Lumbra planned to work both jobs for some amount of time to finish his work in Holyoke, which they learned upon reading The Republican &, according to the Lowell Sun.

Gee I wonder what made them click and read those stories???

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