Sunday Notes Oct 5th 2014


Holoyoke City Treasurer Jon Lumbra is set to become the Lowell City Treasurer and will begin the position on Monday October 6th 2014.

I’m sure you heard the Manager announce this on WCAP or read his press release in the Sun. What’s that you say, you must have missed that? No you didn’t, as usual you wouldn’t know that from the Murphy Administration. They don’t seem to believe the public has the right to know unless the Manager feels like telling us about how wonderful his appointed friend or friend of a State Rep. or City Councilor is that he has hired.

According to a publish report: HOLYOKE — City Treasurer Jon D. Lumbra confirmed Friday (Oct. 3) he is leaving to take a similar job with the city of Lowell but plans to stay on here and do both jobs for an undetermined period to finish projects.

“After much thought and consideration, my family and I have decided to accept the job offer made by the city of Lowell to become their next city treasurer/collector. This decision was not one easily made, but it is in the best interest of my family, something everyone should appreciate and understand,” Lumbra said.

Anyone else surprised that the newspaper wasn’t able to get information about the interview process or starting Salary? Manager Murphy has shown an arrogance and refuses to state those to the public when he hires someone. That newspaper from Holyoke found that out as I and others have.

Our own local paper Sun doesn’t care anymore about what goes on at City Hall since the former Manager left. One guy is trying to sell, another is wine fixated and the former blogger is busy drawing maps to show the new reporters how to find Dracut and Chelmsford when he’s not sounding like crazy Eddie on his Tout video’s.


If you recall the Mayor back when he was attacked dog Elliot beat up the City Manager for having the nerve to teach at ULowell. Think he or any Councilor will care that this guy has another Municipal position, plus his own business? McGovern following the standing orders by Manager Murphy to Say Nothing to the press or public followed orders. According to the newspaper story:

McGovern referred questions about Lowell officials’ thoughts on Lumbra continuing to work as Holyoke treasurer in a transition, how many candidates were considered for the job that Lumbra won and what his yearly salary will be to City Manager Kevin J. Murphy, whom he said will be available Monday.

I found that the Holyoke treasurer’s yearly salary is $70,016. The Lowell Treasurer’s position was posted for between $87,310.08 -$102,552.84 per City Ordinance.

Mr. Lumbra will be a busy man, in addition too the two treasurer positions according to his LinkedIN Profile he is also owner of Lumbra & Lumbra (February 2013 – Present (1 year 9 months)Holyoke, Massachuetts We offer Bookkeeping Services for Small Business.

Remember the fake OUTRAGE by people like Anthes and Elliot aimed at Bernie Lynch for NOT hiring Lowellians? Kevin Coughlin isn’t from Lowell (crickets from those clowns) and neither is Mr. Lumbra who according to his Facebook page post doesn’t plan to move here either. That’s an hour and a half commute daily (barring construction and traffic accidents) each way.

“In closing I love my hometown and have no plans on moving away anytime soon. Once my service as the elected Treasurer is over, I will seek other ways to continue serving Holyoke.

However, it appears he is well qualified and well-respected. The MA’s Inspector General’s Office wrote a letter to the Mayor of Holyoke in 2011, 1 year after Mr. Lumbra was first elected and praised him for what he was able to accomplish in his first year. Part of which states:

The problems within the Treasurer’s Office began to be addressed in 2010,shortly after the election of Jon Lumbra as the new City Treasurer. Based on numerous conversations with Treasurer Lumbra, the OIG believes that he has made a concerted effort to “reform” the Treasurer’s Office and to address the problems long-ignored or caused by his predecessor. OIG staff met this spring with both you and Treasurer Lumbra to obtain the status of this reform effort after Treasurer Lumbra’s first year in office. OIG staff reported to you in that meeting that Treasurer Lumbra had made significant progress in implementing the recommendations made by MH&Co, DOR, and
the OIG and that the meeting reflected a strong spirit of cooperation between the offices
of the Mayor and Treasurer.
This letter outlines the status of Treasurer Lumbra’s efforts to address the issues previously identified by MH&Co, DOR and the OIG. The OIG believes that Treasurer Lumbra, with limited resources, has diligently worked towards correcting a number of problems that could have impacted the financial health of the City and that made the
Treasurer’s Office highly vulnerable to fraud, waste, and abuse. Treasurer Lumbra inherited a “set of books” indicative of sloppy and haphazard accounting that rendered the City’s financial records unauditable for long periods of time. These books were in such a deplorable condition that they failed to provide adequate assurance that perhaps millions of dollars had not been misapplied, miscounted, or misappropriated. This letter
acts to memorialize the progress made by Treasurer Lumbra in a number of areas and calls the City’s attention to those issues that he is already aware of but may not have been able to address because of resource problems and other constraints.

Wonder why this is on the Council Agenda this week??

C. Milinazzo – Req. City Mgr. report on the amount of state funding received by the City of Lowell during the Patrick Administration, especially those funds that relate directly to economic development initiatives.

Probably just a gentle slap at Councilor Corey Belanger, who as the Sun said in today’s paper “Belanger shoots first, then apologizes” something the inexperienced and ill prepared Councilor has done often in his term.

I also wonder if Councilor Leahy hears some better stories than I’ve heard? Maybe a few I haven’t? This is interesting:

C. Leahy – Req. City Mgr. have Inspectional Services Dept. report on how many properties have been closed in the last six months due to illegal activities.

In the City Council Packet there is some good news regarding the Electric Rates. Thanks to the Lynch Administration putting this out for bid and the continued work by the Dept. of Planning and Dev. in the green energy program, City residents will be saving while National Grid is increasing their cost.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.27.16 PM

With all the talk about the downtown and supposed lack of business and the concerns about parking being a negative along with the concern of parking spots being eliminated due to 2 way traffic and with this item listed on the Council Agenda C. Rourke/C. Belanger – Req. City Mgr. report to Council regarding parking in the City.

It is interesting to note how much revenue’s are up in the Central downtown area. Guess Jeff Speck may be correct when he says people will pay for premium parking.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.38.29 PM

Moving Right Along..

While driving through the Downtown I noticed the former bookstore was still empty and started wondering what the status of the Lowell School Depts. move was. Remember according to some Councilors, moving the School Admin. dept was going to help save the downtown.

Hopefully I’m not spoiling the opportunity for the City Manager to go on WCAP and “announce” in January that the Parent Information Center and Special Ed Office will be moving into the downtown. (I think we heard that earlier but he seems to like repeating previous announcements).

Here’s the Update from the School Dept. on what has moved and what will be moving, courtesy of Deputy Supt. Lang:

Hi Gerry,
In early August the first phase of the move occurred for offices located on the 2nd floor of the Rogers to free-up classroom space for the incoming 2nd graders. The Business, Personnel, Technology and Student Support Services Offices have relocated to the 4th floor of the Bon Marche Building. The Superintendent’s Office joined us on the 4th floor in mid-September.

The second phase of the move will occur at the end of October when the Curriculum Office will move to the 2nd floor of 144 Merrimack Street (above Giovanni’s). This space is being built-out at the present time. The third and final phase of the move will occur sometime after the New Year when the Special Education and Early Childhood Offices will relocate to the 5th floor of the Bon March Building and the Parent Resource Center will relocate to the 1st floor (former Barnes & Noble Bookstore space).

We could not immediately occupy the 5th floor because the International Institute has to relocate and we cannot move the Family ResourceCenter to the bookstore space (even thought it’s available) without moving the Special Education Offices to the same building. Our lease calls for the 5th floor and bookstore spaces to be available for occupancy by February 1, 2015.

Hope this information is helpful. I’m sure we will have an “open house” at some point this winter once we have all relocated downtown.


Imagine how many upset parents the workers at the Parent Information Center will have to face when mothers and dads have to park at the John St. garage or Market St. garage and push strollers or carry their kids through the snow and rain. Why didn’t the City lease a spot on Canal St. where there was parking available? To me it again shows the focus on the needs of the businesses (and financial backers of those seeking office) over the general public.

DOWNTOWN should become the Official theme Song of this City Council and Administration.

Speaking of the Lowell School System, people will be in for a surprise if they do a Yahoo or Google search for the Lowell mass school dept because this listing appears:

Lowell School Department
Google+ page · Be the first to review
61 Mansion Dr, Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 458-7821

When I call the number, I got an announcement about calling in an absence.

Deputy Supt. Lang explains that they have tried to correct that: We have tried to have that changed several times. The individual who does the day-to-day substitute teacher calling has a phone line in their house at that address and that number was added last and appears first when doing a google search. We’ll try again.

2. Special Meeting 10/7/14
Lowell City Council together with Lowell School Committee for the purpose of interviewing and the selection of a candidate to a position on the Greater Lowell Technical High School, School Committee.
3. Time for meeting to stand adjourned.

What (if anything) will be covered under Mayor’s Business?? If the purpose of the meeting is the “Special Meeting listed as Item 2, why is there an item 1? MAYOR’S BUSINESS could mean anything, how about some TRANSPARENCY? This shows how alike the Mayor and Manager are. They don’t need to be transparent.

According to the Mass Open Meeting Law: The list of topics must be sufficiently specific to reasonably inform the public of the issues to be discussed at the meeting.

I’m hoping the Mayor will not pull this unsigned letter that has circulated about Lee Gitschier out of his pocket and attack Lee Gitschier’s character. The gutless pukes who sent out the Gitschier letter didn’t even have enough of a backbone to sign any name and used a lame ass excuse to try to justify being COWARDS! This supposed co-worker should be ashamed and if they are a parent as they claim, nice message to send to their kids. Attack someone from behind, no need to be man or women enough to stand behind your words and hope people believe you even if your a coward and afraid to stand up for what you supposedly believe in.

Here’s hoping MAYOR’s Business is just another citation to a new Nail Salon!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Notes Oct 5th 2014

  1. The notion of gagging McGovern is not well thought. One of McGovern’s better skills is communications. Why stifle the guy that SHOULD be putting words into other’s pie holes?

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