My Administration Has Taken over the Development of the Hamilton Canal


Manager Kevin Murphy doesn’t respond in writing when I ask a question, he always replies CALL ME which I don’t because I want a paper trail.(don’t trust him after being burned once)

It is nice to know he is paying some attention (and so is Teddy) to my BLOG and responds to some comments and questions I had on the Blog when questioned by Teddy.

(Teddy you need to give the full BLOG name not just say some Curmudgeon, I mention WCAP)

He also threw out a comment that in my humble opinion is very misleading!

My Administration Has Taken over the Development of the Hamilton Canal listen to part 2 beginning at the 8:40 mark

You can listen to the Interview on the WCAP Radio Replay here.

1) On trying to force Out UML from 110 Canal

He did admit he asked about the possibility of UML moving to another building (So I was CORRECT) but said it was quickly discarded. Really? How come the Council didn’t know? Councilor Belanger made the same reference just a few weeks ago, then again I should consider the source.

Of course the fact he doesn’t reply in writing, doesn’t send out press releases and only does the radio once a month, he allows these rumors to fester and swirl.

Have you noticed since the Murphy Administration has begun, there is not 1 Councilor nor WCAP’s Merrimack Valley Radio in the Morning nor the SUN that now talks about Transparency and Open Gov’t?

2) In discussing Trinity Financial

He took a shot at them for replying to a question from me in writing and me posting their response and a shot at Mr. Keefe for writing his editorial.He agreed with Teddy that maybe they should spend more time being developers and less time writing editorials and responding to bloggers.

The Manager also claims that HIS Administration has “taken over the Development of the Hamilton Canal” and has at least two businesses waiting to go in another building there.

I would have asked a follow-up question instead of just accepting that comment. Wasn’t there an understanding in the agreement with the City and Trinity that the City Administration would help in trying to develop businesses for that area?

It was the LYNCH Administration who negotiated with Trinity as part of the awarded contract, who agreed that the City would work to help Trinity in developing the site which is exactly what “Murphy’s Administration” is now doing, nothing more than what the former Administration did.

In fact the business that Murphy tried to get into 110 Canal Place , originally wanted 110 Canal Place before UML and had a chance to get it. According to stories floating around at the time, the city tried to work with them and Trinity to make it happen. However the company could not make a decision (from the rumors I have heard) and the Lynch administration then went to work with Sen. Donoghue,Chancellor Meehan and the State to move UML in there.

In other items..

The Manager also talked about the possibility of enforcing the Parking regulations on Saturday’s. Will that help downtown businesses??

Manager Murphy also made Councilor Belanger look like a bigger fool for his “We’ve had a Democratic governor for eight years, we’re a Democratic city, we can’t seem to get our funding,” comment by saying he and the State delegation were planning a press conference to announce $15 Million Dollar funding grant to expand the Jackson St./ Hamilton Canal District roads and reminded everyone that as a State Rep. he has pushed for this project and that money has been given to the design.

Hey Corey…how you feeling about that comment today?

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