No Slight intended to Neighborhood Groups

Courtesy Lowell SUN

Courtesy Lowell SUN

An official with the City Administration wanted to let me and everyone know that there was no slight intended to Ann Marie Page, Patrick Farmer and CNAG or anyone else connected with the Centralville Neighborhood groups.

Much like the walk through the downtown that the Manager took with his staff a few weeks ago, yesterday was a time for the City Administration to be able to walk and look at items that they feel they can address in a very quick manner to help clean up this area. I was assured that they will be reaching out to the Neighborhood groups in the upcoming weeks to get their thoughts on ways the city can be of further assistants.

The City did that with the downtown and have a meeting scheduled next week to review items with a lot of the business owners.

In addition, it was pointed out to me that on Sept. 4th the City team of Inspectors and Officials did an Impact walk through much of the lower Centralville neighborhood with a group of concern / active residents to identify problem buildings and areas.

The message they want to convey is that the city administration does have plans to reach out and work with all neighborhood groups throughout the city and will be proactive in reaching out and letting people know about these walks and the follow up meetings.