Monday Leftovers – Special Events Co, $ back and Rising of a new SUN?

I speculated last week that Henry Marchand would be the City’s new Special Events Coordinator. While the Sun hasn’t reported anything nor has the Manager made any formal announcement, but Henri Marchand posted on his LinkedIN Page the following:

Henri Marchand
Special Events Coordinator at City of Lowell
Greater Boston AreaGovernment Administration
City of Lowell, University of Massachusetts Lowell, The Lowell Plan, Inc.
Harvard University

Congratulations to Henry.

Last Thursday the Greater Lowell Technical School Committee met and received some good news that will help the communities that fund the Tech.

It seems the State is funding transportation better than it has and that some short term loans came in under expectations and the school will be returning around $400,000 to the City of Lowell, $130,000 to Dracut and smaller amounts to Tyngsboro and Dunstable.

That should help Dracut with its transportation fund (if the Selectman and Manager send the money to the schools) and should help Lowell meet its goal of fully funding meeting Net school spending

Are we are seeing for ourselves what many of us have been asking for the past few years? The SUN covering the city / towns in a straight forward just the facts manner compared to the bias slanted coverage we have come to expect from Campy and company.

Editorials and columnist still give opinions but the coverage of the Lowell Political scene has been non-pro and non-negative and to be honest, almost non-existent. The SUN has done a tremendous (IMHO) job of covering the races, sponsoring debates and providing voters with profiles of all the many candidates.

They have discontinued the Column Political Blog (at least for now) and are barely reporting on City Hall, the Manager or Council at all. Even the Sunday Column has been very bland and lacking the punch it used to carry.

Isn’t that what many wanted? What do you think of the change and why do you think it is happening? Will it continue?

1 thought on “Monday Leftovers – Special Events Co, $ back and Rising of a new SUN?

  1. From what I am hearing, there are thing going on – but the Sun has either chosen not to cover them or their reporters do not know how to find a good story.

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