Are Neighborhood Business Districts being Ignored by Obsession with the Downtown?

Courtesy Lowell SUN

Courtesy Lowell SUN

Nice that the City Manager brings the staff out for a walk in the “downtown” but when he he going to recognize that Lowell is bigger than the areas between Appleton St. Kearney Square and Fr. Morissette Blvd?

When will we see the Manager with his entourage intact, walking Rte 38 in Belvidere to the Tewksbury Line? or Bridge St from 1st St. in Centralville to the Dracut Line? Mammoth Road? Middlesex St? Westford St.? Salem St? Steadman St beyond the Methadone and Ambulance businesses?

Why is he sending the message that the #1 Priority in this city is for the few businesses in the Downtown and not EVERY Business area in the City?

Don’t the neighborhood business districts deserve the same type of attention? Are Neighborhoods being Ignored by the Obsession with the Downtown?

It’s bad enough we have City Councilors who seem to be working for the Downtown Businesses. Don’t these other businesses not located Downtown and who are paying the same taxes as those in the downtown deserve a City Administration who cares about and will be attentive to them?

Is there anyone else besides me who is sick of hearing nothing but motion after motion concerning Economic Development for the Downtown and the seemingly lack of support or attention for the other business districts by this Council and this Manager?

BTW have you been paying attention to the fact that not only are shootings UP all over the City but now those “Quality of Life” crimes that were in decline appear to be on the rise in both Centralville and Pawtucketville according to messages sent out by the Lowell Police.

Hello everyone, we sent out 3400 code red phone calls on Christian Hill area. This is a result of 3 more homes that were entered overnight. Residents left pocketbooks on kitchen tables that were visible and suspects entered the house and stole them. They also took car keys and went through a person’s car. They appear to be looking for cash as nothing else was taken, even from the vehicle.

Message from Captain Kelley Richardson 7 car break -ins in unlocked cars in outer Varnum Ave:
I am not sure how many people are on your e-mail list but I need to get the word out in the outer Varnum Ave area that people need to lock their vehicles. We have had 7 car breaks off of outer Varnum and all had the doors unlocked

Maybe the focus for this Council and Manager could be for ALL OF LOWELL and not just for DOWNTOWN LOWELL!

The Citizens and Businesses in ALL NEIGHBORHOODS deserve that!

2 thoughts on “Are Neighborhood Business Districts being Ignored by Obsession with the Downtown?

  1. It is not clear if this Admin is doing anything. What IS clear is, they LOOK like the are doing something. Kudos to #prninja Mike McGovern. The Admin has to take control of the narrative, instead of being reactive to headlines, they must drive the headline.

    But, spin is not solutions.

    Hopefully, the CM will ignore the grandstanding pols and put an aggressive plan together that will take on several of Lowell’s major challenges, concurrently. Appeasing Dave Daly is NOT a major challenge, btw. Let JMac interview pedestrians on Stedman St. That’s his bag, baby.

    Last, if the CM is lost for ideas, ask the guys that worked for Bob Healy. They have the answers.

  2. I am not going to comment on any of the business areas because I don’t really have an opinion. As for the car breaks – What idiot who lives in any city; leaves purses,phones etc. in their unlocked, cars, or in plain sight on a table,. I have lived in Lowell since 1965 and I have always put my purse in the closet or a drawer in the bedroom, secured all easily accessed windows, and made sure all outside doors are double locked ( including the one into the garage . I also have a light post out front and leave my back porch light on after dark. . No one should have to be reminded to do that, especially in this day and age.

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