Sunday Notes September 7th 2014


City Councilor Dan Rourke has again placed this item on the Council Agenda – – Req. City Mgr. implement the Shotspotter gun detection program for the City of Lowell.

Given the increase in shootings in this city, this Council should try anything that assist the police in being able to identify and respond quicker. Dan Rourke and Corey Belanger ran campaigns focused on public safety but since they have been on the Council, shootings have increased not decreased. The Council need to support any means that assist and support the police.

Councilor Rourke is also bringing in representatives from FEMA-Flood Emergency Management Association for an informational meeting regarding new flood insurance regulations, new flood maps, the community rating system and to answer questions from residents that are impacted. This will be part of the monthly Pawtucketville Citizens Council meeting September 8th Monday 7:00pm-8:30pm @ the An Wang School Auditorium.

Tuesday is Primary Election Day in MA., get out and vote and get a friend or relative to get out and vote with you. If you live in Lowell you want to identify candidates who will assist the city in helping to curb the violence and start to hold judges and the court system accountable. There is no excuse for anyone in the 18th Middlesex District to not get out to votes, especially in the State Rep. race which has 5 solid candidates in the primary.

LTC, through a partnership with the City of Lowell, is dedicated to providing citizens with gavel-to-gavel government coverage of city council meetings. They do a good job and usually have meetings and sub-committee meetings archived and available in a short amount of time. The Council meeting of the 12th is available but the Fiance Sub-Committee meeting of August 19th isn’t available on line. WHY?

If you look at that sub-committee meeting or the July 22nd meeting which is available here, you see 5 City Councilors INSIDE the Council Chamber, 3 at what is usually the Managers table (which is the sub-committee) and 2 others Councilors Belanger and Mercier with name plates. Councilor Mercier asks questions of a City employee and the City Manager.

However, this appears to be a clear violation of the OPEN MEETING LAW

If a subcommittee of a public body holds a meeting and members of the public body, who are not members of the subcommittee, wish to attend the meeting, must the public body post a meeting notice? (Bold Mine)

No, as long as the public body does not engage in a deliberation. Members of a public body may wish to attend a meeting of a subcommittee of that public body, even where those members are not part of the subcommittee. In those cases, they may sit in the audience and participate as members of the public</strong>. They may address the public body with the permission of the chair, and may state their opinion on matters under consideration by the subcommittee. They may not discuss matters as a quorum, or discuss topics which are not under consideration by the subcommittee. Doing so would constitute a deliberation, and a separate meting notice for the public body would be required. The subcommittee convening the meeting must still post its regular meeting notice.

A member of the public cannot question a city employee at a sub-committee or a Council meeting. Plus the Councilors are sitting inside and not with the public. If the Council expects judges, city employees and police to follow the rules and do their jobs, the Councilors should do the same.

When is Manager Murphy going to name a Treasurer? or announce who was hired for his office admin person?

Funny he takes a shot at Tom Moses on WCAP then says he doesn’t want to take a shot. In his day Bob Healy was a great finance guy but also left with a black mark against him for discrimination against women. Funny how Mayor Elliott and Councilor Belanger didn’t have an issue supporting the hiring of Healy who has drawn fire because of multiple workplace discrimination lawsuits that began in the 1990s and cost the city of Cambridge more than $10 million in damages, attorney fees, settlements, and interest. Didn’t hear Belanger calling for his resignation. How much are we paying him as a “consultant’? Then again it wasn’t an Election year and they didn’t have to kiss up to Jim Campanini and Bud “Police Escort for this Funeral” Caulfield.

Ask Andy Sheehan about the nickname, it may be partially responsible for costing Sheehan his job.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Notes September 7th 2014

  1. The way things have been going in Lowell in just the past year, it is well past time to get the shot spotter system. Certain neighborhoods are going from fairly quiet to being a problem and we still do not have enough police officers. The good people deserve to have their neighborhoods back, so our Council and Manager need to get going and do whatever it takes. .

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