What can State Reps do to help address Lowell Violence?

With the City Council unable to curb the growing violence in the city (despite many running/getting elected on Public Safety campaigns) I’ve asked the candidates for the 18th Middlesex State Rep. race to answer this question.

Given the increase in violence in the city and the leniency of the Courts releasing suspects on Personal Recog. What can you do as a State Rep. to assist Lowell in curbing the violence and making the Courts more accountable?

Today Jim Leary and Fred Bahou respond


Gerry, thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts on your question. I see this as a three-part process; prevention, law enforcement and changes with the judicial process.

First, I strongly believe and would support and or draft legislation that would create term limits for Judges. The Judges would have a term limit of five to seven years and then would have to be either reappointed by the Governor and approved by the Governors council for an addition term, or a new Judge would take their place. This will allow for a review of the judges legal and overall performance during their term in office. I believe this would prevent repeat offenders from being released back into society on their own personnel recognizance without the appropriate safe guards to protect the public.

Second, I believe that we should have increased law enforcement personnel on the street in order to protect our citizens. I would work with the City Administration and our State Delegation to seek additional state funding from community grants, Shannon grants and other state funding sources to ensure that we have the appropriate number of police on the street.

Third, and most important, working with the local community and the Lowell police Department to prevent crime before it occurs. I would seek additional finding to support more police resource offers in all of our schools and general community. Having resource officers working with our youth in order to create positive relationships with the community and police does effective and reduce the crime rate. Finally, working to improve the higher education and economic opportunities. The ability to provide for yourself and your family financially is the most effective method I can think of in order to reduce crime.

Thank you, Jim


I would urge our delegation and the delegation around the state to have our court system enforce the law that states “one year mandatory imprisonment for anyone possessing an unregistered firearm. I would hold the judges more accountability by not renewing their appointments if they don’t follow the mandate.

1 thought on “What can State Reps do to help address Lowell Violence?

  1. Bahou ‘s response is useless. Leary’s is much better. I favor term limits for judges, a lot more funding to acquire more police officers ( a lot more, the way we are going) , and sentencing laws that do not gibe the more liberal judges the right to issue light sentences. And I would love to see the police catch the idiot who has set off late night fireworks at Hadley Field twice in the last week, resulting in a bunch of calls from the public reporting gunshots in the neighborhood. .

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