In time for next years Council Race , Individual Donations increase to $1,000 in 2015


If you are thinking about running for the Council or School Committee next year, you need to make sure you get a copy of the latest OCPF Newsletter WHICH LIST SOME OF THE CHANGES THAT TAKE EFFECT IN 2015 among them.

Limits for all candidates will increase to $1,000 per calendar year starting Jan. 1
Individual contribution limits for all candidates, from a school committee member in a small town to governor, will increase to $1,000 starting Jan. 1, 2015.
All other individual limits remain the same, including the $500 limit to PACs per calendar year and $200 from lobbyists. The last time the limits changed was in 1994, when the amount was reduced from $1,000 to $500.

Public employees can’t be committee treasurers
A change to Section 13 of the law codifies OCPF’s long- term policy, which prohibits public employees from being committee treasurers. State law prohibits public employees from soliciting or receiving campaign contributions directly or indirectly. The law now expressly prohibits public employees from being treasurers. The fundraising restrictions are in place at all times and in all places, even when public employees are off-the-clock. For example, a teacher at a public school would be prohibited from serving as the treasurer for his brother’s city council campaign, even if the race was in another city.

Subvendor reports required for candidates & committees on all levels
A city council candidate makes a payment of $6,000 to a political consultant. The political consultant then pays $1,000 for a mailing and $500 on an internet advertisement. The political consultant would provide details of the subvendor expenditures to the candidate and the candidate would disclose the
information on a campaign finance report. If the councilor is in a city with a population of 75,000 or less, he would file the subvendor report with the local election official with his regular periodic report. If greater than 75,000, the report is filed with OCPF.

A Couple Others:
 Money order caps lifted from $50 a year to $100 a year.
 Training requirement for committee treasurers.

Contact OCPF at 617-979-8300 or by e-mail at

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