REALLY? With the uptick in shootings and murder in this city, a struggling downtown and a Council more concerned about getting their “supporters” Patronage appointments, An attack on Low Income Residents in the Downtown and an agenda that seems aimed at getting rid of those residents and trying to find residents with more ” Disposable Income” so that a Councilor and his radio host friend can improve their business and people are posting about a Picture? We have a City Manager who doesn’t care about Transparency or Open Government yet we are hearing murmurings AGAIN about Mayor Murphy’s Portrait?

Hang the dang thing and let’s move on PLEASE!


In a sad reality we know the local “traditional” media will not address many of these concerns because they are in the tank with the current Council and Manager so it is up to the private citizens on Social media to get the word out through posting that this Council 8 months into their term has not been able to address either the Public Safety Issues or Economic Development issues they campaigned on.

To try and cut this picture nonsense short, I emailed the Mayor a few days ago to ask about the status, I’ll do another today addressed to the entire City council.

I’m sure when he has a chance, the Mayor will respond later today or tomorrow. If not I will register on Friday to speak at the next City Council meeting under the public participation portion and ask the Council to address this once and for all. (I’m sure they would love to see/hear from me). There is NO EXCUSE for not hanging this picture.

When this Issue was first brought up back in January former Mayor Murphy wrote in a Letter publish on richardhowe.com that said in part: (Bold Mine)

The picture captures us in Cat’s Alley, a little known alleyway–unknown for a while even to the city that owns it–that had become an overgrown dumping ground. For much of the last year, right up until the last week, I had been working with the administration to clear and clean the stretch from Crosby Street to Lawrence Street that will eventually connect to the Concord River Greenway. I hope that some of the children playing in Back Central today come to find it one of those special places you remember years later, as my father laughingly remembers it now. And maybe on a classroom trip to City Hall, one of those kids looks at the photograph, and can see herself in it.

That my face is not shown should be seen as an improvement. Plenty of people (including those who object to this portrait) would view it that way. But enough. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I should not need to add so many to it. The fate of my portrait had been the least of my concerns as mayor; it should not even be one of the City Council’s. I have done my best to leave more worthwhile things behind. With the challenges ahead–in selecting a new Auditor and Manager, following the existing rules, and addressing the many issues that this city faces–I suggest that any attention paid to this item on the agenda would mean that you, in fact, are looking in the wrong direction.

137 People signed a on-line petition to hang the picture.

Two of the best comments on that petition response are:
Amazing Picture ! This is what Lowell is…. Families Futures Love

Because petty politics is the most important issue in this city.

So can the Mayor or a City Councilor address this, get it hung and let’s move on PLEASE!

5 thoughts on “Picture Picture on the WALL, WILL MAYOR MURPHY’S PICTURE GET HUNG AT ALL?

  1. Hello Jack and Gerry, the current city council has the violence in our city as it’s top priority, spending their time on solutions for peace and safety in our city.

    To the “Murphy Offering” if you take a walk around the second floor of City Hall you will see portraits. Former Mayor Murphy’s offering should be placed somewhere however it does not resemble any of the Mayor’s Portraits. Putting it there would not match the others and would look as an un matched chair at a formal table. I use dictionary.com a nice site, a quick peek at Google then Bing and lastly Yahoo search of images proves a good resource here.
    See you tomorrow morning on City Life
    John McDonough

    • “spending their time on solutions for peace and safety in our city” REALLY? I haven’t seen that and judging by the increase in violence I’d say they are FAILING MISERABLY. Maybe if the Mayor was less concentrated on Surveillance in the past and instead focusing on the safety issues of the present then maybe it could get better.

      I get to see about 3/4 of the first Hour, say Hello to Mr. ZIM for me tomorrow

  2. Hi Gerry,
    The picture Mayor Patrick Murphy had made for the city is not a portrait! Looking to the past all we see on the walls on the second floor of City Hall are the portraits of Mayors. Now I am sure Mayors of the past have thought to leave other things but we have only hung portraits. What happens to other things given to the city, we put them elsewhere. If a future mayor leaves a rocking chair, a ships wheel, a DVD, iPad, or their Gavel, the city will find a home for it, I don’t think we will see it mounted on the second floor walls of city hall. I hold no emotion for Mayor Patrick but he did not create a portrait, he did create a thoughtful photo, I agree the city should find a home for it. The Current Mayor has in the past decided where the Mayor’s Portrait is and since it’s not a portrait I think is the managers call as to what do do with former family photo.
    John McDonough

    • The manager has nothing to do with this. No hiding under Kevin’s skirt. Besides, there is no room under there. The training wheels take up a lot of space.

      The Council has only recently defined what is acceptable and what is not. They did this in response to Mayor Murphy’s offering. Since we do not enforce things retroactively in America, the Council is compelled to address this matter. Promptly, would be better.

      mayor Elliott is not empowered by our Charter or Council rules to unilaterally decide on behalf of all of us. No one councilor is empowered to act as one. Councilors are NOT individually potent. The fact is, they are, each, one of nine. It is the collective will, expressed by the vote of the majority, that means something. If Mayor Murphy’s offering is to be shunned, then let the Council vote to refuse it.

    • Not a Drastic Difference according to Dictionary.com…love to play semantic games like this. Portrait doesn’t say JUST the FACE but a Likeness, there is no denying that is Patrick Murphy’s likeness.

      portrait [pawr-trit, -treyt, pohr-] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin noun
      1.A likeness of a person, especially of the face, as a painting, drawing, or photograph : a gallery of family portraits.

      picture [pik-cher] Spell Syllables Synonyms Examples Word Origin noun
      1.a visual representation of a person, object, or scene, as a painting, drawing, photograph, etc.:
      2.any visible image, however produced:

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