Newly-organized South Lowell/ Sacred Heart Neighborhood Group Report

GN: The newly organized South Lowell/ Sacred Heart neighborhood group met on Monday, September 15th at Primitive Methodist Church, 1193 Lawrence Street, in the heart of the neighborhood.The meeting was run by Carol McCarthy and they also started a Facebook page South Lowell/Sacred Heart Neighborhood Group. Kim Scott was kind enough to write up the following Post about the meeting.

A special thank you is extended to Reverend Allen for sharing the church space with the community.

A number of varied items were on the agenda. But we began the evening with Public Safety.

In his comments to the group, Lieutenant Matthew Penrose, representing the LPD, re-iterated the significance of neighbors being alert. He recommended to call anytime someone looks out of place in your neighborhood. “If you need to look twice, then call the police as a precaution,” he stated. He also gave us an update on the Burton Street shooting as well as on the shooting on Andrew Street. He stated that there were on-going investigations and that it may not have been a random attack.

Commissioner of Park Tom Bellgarde presented the drawings on the new Splash Park that is being built by the City near the Butler School on Gorham Street. He stated that the City is committed to building this park and have it ready for next summer.

Commissioner Bellgarde had brought architectural renderings of the renovation that will take place. Not only will a splash park be built but both the basketball and tennis courts will be revamped. Furthermore, there are plans to make that site a day camp next summer.

Animal Control Officer Darlene Wood gave the group an update on the efforts by the City to provide Parvovirus vaccination to dogs and she emphasized that it is essential that pets are vaccinated regularly.

The next agenda item was an update by Neighborhood Services Director Mike Desmaras on the Lawrence Street bridge and the idling trains, including the horn blowing during the middle of the night.

Next on the agenda was inspectional services David Oulette. He discussed how he handles illegal dumping and littering; warnings are initially issued and if the situation is not resolved, a fine is assessed. He also gave information on how Northeast handling accepts many items for disposal. He also advised residents to call him if items are left on the sidewalk so that he can get the process going.

Finally, on the agenda was Greg Czamoski from Patriot Care Medical Marijuana. He spoke about their successful programs that they run around the program and how they want to be a good partner. They said they have extensive security measures. They also spoke about how they will be learning a lot about the effects of medical marijuana and will be doing research. Residents seemed supportive of the location and asked questions about safety and how the location was selected.

Overall, we were pleased with the number of residents who came and participated in the discussions. We believe these quarterly face-to-face meetings will help us collectively improve the quality of life in our City.”