Councilor Belanger attacks Democrats over Hamilton Canal District


“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”
― Mark Twain

City Councilor Belanger continues his exercise of blaming everyone else for all the ills of the City, in today’s SUN, taking a shot at Governor Patrick over the slowly developing Judicial Center in the Hamilton Canal District.

“We’ve had a Democratic governor for eight years, we’re a Democratic city, we can’t seem to get our funding,” he said.

OUCH! That shot comes as he is bringing Republican Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito around the city yesterday and appearing in a Democrats for Baker Campaign Video.

This is also in the same time frame his choice for City Manager is attempting to move UML out of 110 Canal Place after Sen. Donoghue and the Gov. announced a 1 MILLION DOLLAR Investment in that building.

There is no secret that Donoghue and Murphy don’t have a strong relationship but for Murphy to use or allow his hand picked Councilor (Murphy’s family donated $700.00 to help elect Corey) to attack the Gov, and the Democratic Party is stupid on so many levels. If Murphy didn’t sanction the shot, he should have “advised” his buddy Corey to SHUT UP! and not attack the Democrats in a very large Democratic City.

Rep. Dave Nangle knows you can be bipartisan without attacking the hand that feeds you. Corey isn’t refined or savvy enough to try to pull this off and the results has BLOWN UP in his and in the long term City Manager Murphy’s face.

Sen. Donoghue has achieved much more respect, power and political status in the Party and at the State House than any of the Reps. including Murphy and by Murphy not putting a muzzle on Belanger, he has put the City in bad shape with the Democrats who control funding.

Make no mistake, Manager Murphy will go out looking for help and the state with Sen. Donogue’s blessing will ignore him. Payback’s a way of life in politics.

According to today’s Sun, it appears that Councilor Belanger has ticked off not only the current Senator but the former Sen. as well.

Former Sen. Steve Panagiotakos who still has more clout than former Rep, Murphy ever had seemed very annoyed with the remarks by the first year councilor.

The Sun reports says: Donoghue, who succeeded Panagiotakos in the Senate, said the city has been granted numerous funding opportunities during her time under Patrick. She cited the $11 million given for a new performing- arts center at the former Boston and Maine Railroad Depot downtown.

Patrick’s administration also awarded $15 million for the Lord Overpass project that includes the extension of Jackson Street, where Polito stood.

“Martha Coakley has pledged her support of these initiatives, as well as to maintaining a productive partnership toward the future well-being of Lowell,” Donoghue said.

Panagiotakos said investments made by Patrick and the Democratic Legislature are spurring economic development.

“I’m surprised someone would be critical of the investments we’ve made in Lowell that are showing clear results,” he said. “I know Martha Coakley is the candidate who’s proposed a regional economic development

plan that will build on the work we’ve done to benefit Gateway Cities like Lowell.”

Donoghue also noted that much of the extraordinary growth at UMass Lowell under Chancellor Marty Meehan would have been impossible without a supportive administration.

In recent weeks, Belanger who ran on a strong Public Safety Campaign and has seen shots and assault with guns on the rise in the city has tried to blame the Police and courts, He attacked the Social Service Community and then went on WCAP and attacked Trinity Financial over the Hamilton Canal District.

Belanger is hurting not helping Murphy or himself with these finger-pointing attacks to try to cover up the fact that he and this Council in the 9 months they have been in office have done little in the way of Economic Growth (that hasn’t been State funded) or been able to curb the violence.

This latest gaffe by Councilor Belanger will not be forgotten by many and will not help the Councilor if he decides to seek a second term.