Sunday Notes August 31st 2014

Nice to have Market Basket back and a classy move by Bridge St. Store Manager Andy Haggerty who on Saturday afternoon Thanked shoppers for their loyalty and support on the PA and then had the employees stop and applaud the customers!

Mass Open Meeting Law: The list of topics must be sufficiently specific to reasonably inform the public of the issues to be discussed at the meeting. Where there are no anticipated topics for discussion in open session other than the procedural requirements for convening an executive session, the public body should list “open session” as a topic, in addition to the executive session, so the public is aware that it has the opportunity to attend and learn the basis for the executive session.

While not required under the Open Meeting Law, public bodies are encouraged to make a revised list of topics to be discussed available to the public in advance of the meeting if the body intends to discuss topics that come up after posting but before the meeting convenes.

What seems pretty clear is Mayor Elliot believes he is above the Open Meeting Law. He posted the following “Agenda” 1. Finance SC August 19, 2014
RE: Discussion of FY 14 and FY 15 City Budget

If you listened to the Council meeting the other night, while defending Mayor Elliott I think I heard Councilor Mercier state that the Mayor called her to tell her about the meeting. If you look at the actual Finance Sub-Committee meeting, you notice 5 City Councilors inside the Council Chamber which makes me also wonder if he contacted more than the sub-committee members and since a Majority of the Council was contacted and present, was this entire meeting Illegal?

This Council has been all over the Solicitor and Water Dept. about rules, procedures and regulations but they also don’t think the same requirement to follow rules and procedures applies to them. Just look at what the dean of the Council Rita Mercier says I keep quiet about the rules violations because I want the people to hear about it whether we’re in violation of the rules or not.

IRONY of the WEEK –
We will be saying it is OK to fund personal vendettas with taxpayer dollars. I don’t think that’s the message we want to send to the taxpayers who funded this witch hunt.” — Lowell Mayor Rodney Elliott

Hmmm Fiscal Watchdog BARKING over less than $26,400 a year in the past 6 years for Surveillance in a $300 Million Dollar Budget and yet he has spent THOUSANDS OF TAXPAYERS DOLLARS by using the City Auditor, Solicitor and Manager’s Staff trying to prove there was some type of “Cover-UP” by the Lynch Administration. ( personal vendetta)

He’s correct that’s NOT the message you want sent to Taxpayers but it appears he is doing exactly that.

I did laugh a lot when people complained about a post earlier this week that went back 30+ years. No one gave a damn about a 3 year old item when I was a target. If Years didn’t matter then, they sure don’t matter to me now!

BTW: IF ANYONE has any concern over what I post, Don’t call/mention it to one of my sisters, cousins, friends. None of them are responsible for what I write and none of them have any say or editorial control over what I post. If You have an issue call me I am reasonable, don’t yell (nor expect to be yelled at, I will hang up) 978-866-8561 I have a long drive to work in the am 7:15-8:00 and home 5:15-6:00 and enjoy the chance to chat.

How necessary are HOUSING Authorities? Warren Shaw advocates getting rid of Housing Authorities, Dracut Housing is making a case that they really aren’t needed.The next time they meet, they will have had a 95 day space between meetings. If you can go without meeting for 3 months, is the board really needed?

If You look at the DHCD Guidelines for Local Housing Authorities it suggest

 Holding and attending regular monthly and special meetings in conformance with:
 Open Meeting Law, M.G.L. c. 30A, §§ 18-25
 Public Records Law M.G.L. c.4 §7(26);

The Lowell Housing Authority on its website clearly shows a meeting schedule: Meeting Agendas/Schedules:

The Board of Commissioners’ Regular Meetings take place the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:00pm. The Annual meeting is the 2nd Wednesday in March at 5:00pm. Meetings take place at the Armand P. Mercier Community Center, 21 Salem Street, Lowell, MA.

Dracut Housing Authority’s By-Laws are a little more Vague: Section 2 – Regular Meetings. Regular meetings will be posted in accordance with State and Local By-Laws.

So why isn’t the Board meeting? and why hasn’t the Lowell SUN who relentlessly went after the LHA, not asking or writing about this? In fact why was the SUN going so hard after LHA and now why are leaving the DHA alone?

Another question I have after it was pointed out to me is why in any story dealing with the LHA maintenance workers Union does the SUN hardly EVER mention which Union that is?

president of the union representing the LHA’s maintenance workers,

Two leaders of unions representing workers at LHA acknowledged the report and the shortcomings in how LHA approached the renovations.

Angelo Karabatsos, president of the union representing LHA maintenance workers, (No mention of what union again,but a paragraph later Lyle Moran writes)

“The report says they did not check until after the work was done,” Local 429’s David Purtell said. “That is not the way it is supposed to be done.”

Why name one Union and not identify the other? What is the SUN hiding from the public?

What Union represents the LHA maintenance workers? What Union represents The Dracut maintenance workers? What is the connection between the LHA and Dracut Union? Is there one? Is there a Board member or staff on the DHA associated directly or through family with a Union that represents the maintenance workers? Is there a connection with another union? Are there some serious conflicts of interest or is this just typical infighting and bubble rumors? Lots of questions, few answers.

What does the SUN know that they are not reporting? Inquiring minds want to know.

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