New England PBA responds to Governor Patrick’s anti-police race-rant

Blog Supporter Jerry Flynn asked to share his letter to Gov. Patrick

08/29/2014 – 10:14am

As the executive director of the New England Police Benevolent Association, which represents over 4,000 law enforcement professionals across New England, we are appalled at the latest anti-police rant by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. His latest tirade regarding race relations is purely an attempt to give his candidacy for higher office some kind of legitimacy off the backs of hard working dedicated police officers. Governor Deval Patrick has consistently and constantly taken to the press when it fits his own political agenda. His anti-police rhetoric is well known and his most recent race rant in which he states he is, “sick of unarmed black men being shot by police” is disingenuous at best and factually inaccurate.

In fact Governor, since you have been the Governor of Massachusetts can you give us an example of “ANY” police officer within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who has been charged with shooting an “UNARMED BLACK MAN” or ANY person without legal justification under the law. In this state, where lawlessness is not condoned nor is it accepted you have attempted to paint all police officers with the same broad brush BEFORE the facts are even know with respect to the fatal shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. You have haphazardly used race against a profession with which is forced to make split second decisions to save the lives of the general public, as well as their own.

Governor, your own political ambition has either clouded your good sense of judgment or your own bigotry is manifesting itself in a negative way as a result of what you may have observed as a youth in Chicago, IL Your bogus comments are reminiscent of the stupidity exhibited by President Obama when he called the actions of a Cambridge Police Sergeant as “Acting Stupidly” with respect to a white police officer arresting a black professor and those of us in law enforcement all remember how that turned out and we are not interested in another keg party or beer blast.

As you are well aware Governor, just last year police officers in your adopted state of Massachusetts protected the general public and saved lives as terrorists attacked innocent civilians and paralyzed the City of Boston. Yet, together White, Black, Asian & Hispanic police officers assisted everyone and anyone they could regardless of RACE, CREED OR COLOR. In fact, this was a precursor to the violent attacks against police officers by those same terrorists who confronted police officers with bombs on the streets of Watertown, MA.

In fact, the para-military offensive displayed on the streets of Watertown and utilized to search the residential neighborhoods for this cop-killer was applauded by a thankful community. Governor, your friends in the United States Congress now wish to condemn these tactical maneuvers – Yet, you remain silent on this issue.

So Governor, were you also “SICK” that day as police officers risked their own lives to protect YOU and the public at large. Your bombastic and infuriating comments have no place in today’s society and neither does hateful race relations from the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Yet, as President of the United States of America and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you have both decided to wrap yourselves around the shroud of controversy from which these two “Race Rats” produce a living – in a vile attempt to further divide this country and thus putting dedicated hard working police officers at risk.

Perhaps, your expertise and knowledge of the effectiveness of the para-military equipment utilized after the murder/assassination of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier and the manhunt which ensued would be more relevant than the racial diatribe that echoes from the streets of Ferguson, Missouri to the new palatial confines of your corner office at Beacon Hill. In fact, $11.5 million dollars would train and equip a lot of police officers or perhaps integrate an inner city community policing program designed to work with these “unarmed black men” before they get shot by police – proactive instead of reactive would be a noble idea, don’t you think?

Governor, your comments are not only factually inaccurate, but also boldly unforgiving and as we lose a police officer in the country every 52 hours-we are reminded of your gross negligence and that of the Massachusetts Parole Board Chairman who was appointed by you and allowed a career criminal to murder one of our members, Woburn Police Officer John “Jack” Maguire.

In fact, President Obama’s “if I had a son” speech regarding the tragic shooting and death of Trevon Martin rings in my ear with a vengeance – because I do have a son and he is a rookie police officer and just this week his police academy classmate was shot at multiple times simply while making a traffic stop. He returned fire and shot the suspect and although he was not injured the results may have been extremely different if not for his courage, training and God’s blessing and yes – that could have been my son.

So Governor, let me be clear; “We are sick of police officers being shot, we are sick of going to police officer’s wakes and funerals; but most of all, we are sick of you pandering to the public about issues of race that do not even remotely exist within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts”.

So maybe . . . just maybe, when you meet Lowell Police Officer Patrick Casey as a recipient of the annual George L. Hanna Award Ceremony, you can thank this HERO for putting his life on the line protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. Yes, he is white and the suspect was said to be multi-racial; but we don’t allow rioting and looting in the City of Lowell and we don’t allow our police officers to become target practice either.

So perhaps Governor, as you look toward higher office you would be best served if you took a page from the former Attorney General of the United States Robert F. Kennedy, who addressed and notified a large group of African-Americans in Indianapolis, IN about the senseless murder of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Ironically, while race riots and looting occurred across the country – no such incidents occurred in Indianapolis, IN.

Robert F. Kennedy said; “What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love, and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.”

Jerry/Flynn, Executive Director
New England Police Benevolent Association

1 thought on “New England PBA responds to Governor Patrick’s anti-police race-rant

  1. By his very comments, Deval Patrick is adding to the atmosphere of hate in this country. The fact is , more young black men are shot by other black men in this country. Why is it then, when a young white man is shot by a police officer, there are no riots and looting.? The full truth is not in on this one yet, so Deval should keep his mouth shut.

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