I’ve made the choice to take down this post out of MY RESPECT for Family.

Maybe the Mayor and others will think about others Families before they attack people and insinuate they are part of a Cover-Up, are Woman haters or are Negative Ninnies.

I struggled yesterday on whether I should even post, but felt it had to be posted so people knew what was going on and to show that YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

No pressure by anyone, no threats, no screaming to take this post down, I just chose to take it down and remind EVERYONE


2 thoughts on “REMOVED

  1. I could not begin to speak for the Mayor . There are many times when surveillance is needed. But I have a serious issue with missing invoices, blacked out original invoices, harassing Parks Dept employees in 2009 and following someone ( and her mother) after she had been terminated. If nothing else the Law Dept ( or whomever) needs to explain why those things happened. And we need to know if there are other instances on inappropriate surveillance. I also have issues with the Manager having to go to the Auditor for answers when the Law Dept was tardy in responding.

    • The danger with this attitude of demanding answers from withing aspects of City gov’t is that, as mayor Elliott opts to do, it usurps the authority of the City Manager. There is no need to dissect these concerns to the depth of the sources. Not publicly, anyways. And certainly, not by us.

      There is one inquisitor in this city. That is Kevin Murphy. He is obliged to answer these questions to the Council, who represent all 106,000 of us.

      The sight of mayor Elliott with a torch and pitchfork sickens me. Those that follow behind him, galvanizing his ego trip, are to be pitied. They obviously are clinging to some malformed notion of what Lowell is and how it should be administered.

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