LMA General Manager Keith Vaske – We are very excited about the start we are off to in year two

Keith Vaske the General Manager of the Lowell Memorial Auditorium was unable to join us on Saturday Morning due to last second a family commitment that had come up, his email went into my spam folder so I didn’t realize he could not make it.

He did responded to some questions I had asked and here is his statement.

I did see your questions, and hopefully the following will provide you with the answers.

We took over the building July 1, 2013 and we we able to start booking at that time. Typically, events that happen in the fall/winter are booked in the spring prior to us taking over. Event bookings were behind when we took over as there were not many events in the fall that had been booked because of the transition process and most shows that were touring had already completed routing/venue booking. This is shown by the amount of weeknight shows we had compared to weekend. This year, many shows will be on or towards the weekend.

When looking at the events on the calendar this fall compared to last fall we have double the ticketed events on sale at this time.

Events that we currently have on sale

– ECFC II(mma) – Sept. 12 ($90, $75, $55, $40, $30 MILITARY, $20 STUDENT)

– R5 – Sept. 28 ($32.50, $35, $42.50)

– Doo-Wop – Nov. 8 ($49, $59)

– Colin and Brad – Nov. 9 ($39.50, $49.50, $59.50)

– Wild Kratts – Nov. 15 ($27, $37, $67)

– Straight No Chaser – Nov. 20 ($29.50, $39.50, $49.50)

– Dark Star Orchestra – Dec. 6 ($29, $75) $35 Day of Show.

– Holiday Pops – Dec. 14 ($50, $70, $80, $126)

We have also already confirmed our Broadway Series and will be announcing it soon. This was a feat that we were not able to accomplish until October of last year because of the late start. We are further ahead in terms of being able to market the series and sell tickets which will benefit the financial performance.

In addition to this we have 3 other events that are confirmed but have yet to be announced, 2 of which will take place before December 31st. In total we will have 10 events(not including Broadway) on sale over the first half of our fiscal year during our 2nd year. Comparing the early sales trends of the shows currently on sale to shows of a year ago we are in much better shape. As you can see from the list above we have sometime for everyone, MMA events, concerts, comedy and family shows.

We feel this is a result from the relationships that we have been able to build and bring into the auditorium during the first year. They are turning into actual bookings now because we have been in the building for an entire year.

We are very excited about the start we are off to in year two. We are confident that having a full year under our belts with a better idea of what event revenue and building expenses will translate into a successful second year and future years. We think the building is wonderful and with the continued support of the community the city will be in a better place over the life of the contract.

We are currently working with the city on an addendum to the contract and once we get through that I would be happy to sit down and talk with you in more detail about the future of the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.

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