Sunday Notes August 24th 2014

Despite the Lowell Sun’s continued Bias, slanted attempt at attacking the former Lynch Administration for the ERRORS of the former Treasurer former CFO Tom Moses over on Lowell Live Feed addresses the Bond Issue and why he thinks they did not get issued.

Maybe I can shed some light. Bernie Lynch has made it clear that one of my responsibilities was debt issuance. It is not that Liz was incapable – she just wasn’t in Lowell when Bernie hired me. It was my responsibility to make sure we closed the year with clean capital accounts. If is missed anything, Sheryl Wright would have certainly brought it to my attention because she understood very well the consequences of not doing so.

Bob Healy was clearly hired to prepare the budget. It may not have been his role to oversee debt. I doubt Conor or Kevin Murphy told Liz that she was now responsible for debt. Neither Conor nor the new auditor had ever closed the books in MA, so they probably weren’t aware of the consequences. In fact, free cash is not a concept in use in Texas. Chalk this up to lack of MA financial experience. The current staff is smart and I doubt this will happen again. I do hope they don’t miss something else. However there is one leader and it is up to him to assign and know everyone’s roles. That clearly did not happen.

What’s becoming clear is the obvious inexperience of this City Manager and his team when it come to Municipal Fiances and what also is clear is that Mayor Elliot along with the SUN hold grudges and will hold special meetings and go off on silly tangents in any attempt to show up the Lynch Administration and take people’s focus of the inaction and inability of this City Council and this Manager.

What is clear is that many of these Councilors (with assistance from the SUN) ran on a Public Safety focus, especially on shootings and gun violence which the SUN and these individual played up in their campaign efforts. They used the fear of shootings and the promise to address it to get elected and after almost 8 months we know from the stats supplied by the Lowell Police that it hasn’t gotten any better.

Shootings involving victims is actually up from where is was last year,
Year Time Period Shootings(actual victim shot)
2013 (1/1/13-6/30/13) 4
2014 (1/1/14-6/30/14) 5

and we had a double murder a few weeks ago and stories like this which would have been BOLD headlines in an Election year biased coverage are now small column stories in the paper.

Police stop car, find six bullet holes

The Biased, slanted coverage by Jim Campy, EDMark O’Neil and the Mayor’s Publicist reporter Lyle Moran doesn’t mention the continued increase in shootings and murders instead focusing on “Quality of Life Crimes” such as theft from motor vehicles and vandalism.

Citizens are writing letters of concern to the newspaper about the continued shooting incidents and they publish them (usually on a Saturday, the least read day) Impact of shootings is harming the city and this citizen sums it up pretty clearly:

Last November 9 people were elected to the City Council largely based on there “commitment to public safety” and this year a city manager was hired on his “commitment to public safety.” Someone in authority has to be tasked with the sole objective of removing this one single element that is hurting our city.

It’s to bad we have a newspaper focused along with the Mayor on spending time attacking the past Administration instead of addressing the seemingly growing violence. It it also sad that most of these city councilors are now so afraid of getting attacked ny the newspaper and the Radio Host weekday mornings that they have become silent partners and accomplices to this Council Manager and the negative way this city is heading.

The SUN has all but forgotten the promise of many Councilors who wanted to focus on ‘Economic Development’. In the first 8 months of this Council we have seen neighborhood markets, dog care shops and hairdressers being welcomed by the Mayor but no new major businesses and instead have seen these businesses announcing they are cutting , closing or moving.

Lowell General Hospital braces for cost cuts as operating challenges mount (I’m told many workers have already had hours cut because the Saints Campus isn’t being utilized) and workers have had to use their saved sick and vacation time or would have a day deducted unpaid.

Centro’s sold – Ray Robinson’s closed due to David’s death and the building Owners desire to get rid of the restaurant

Autoliv ASP, Inc. Auto safety R&D and manufacturing Lowell 8/1/14 – 12/9/14 93 Jobs to be eliminated Pawtucket Blvd

Genesis HealthCare – Glenwood Center facility Health care Lowell 2/20/14 – 3/20/14 86 Jobs eliminated, business boarded up on Varnum Ave.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Financial Services Lowell
3/31/14 – 12/31/14 60 Jobs being eliminated at the former Wang Towers

Even City Councilor Belanger Chair of the Economic Sub-Committee closed his downtown business this Summer.

I hope the Newspaper gets sold soon, Lowell needs a local paper but needs one with objective fair reporters, editors and a Publisher who is smarter than one who lost $790,000 selling their office condo’s.

WE need host and newspaper people willing to call out the current administration with the same joy and zeal they use in reporting about their so called failures and shortcomings of the past administration and labeling concerned citizens Negative Ninnies while threatening future City Council candidates who have supporters who are vocal on Lowell Live Feed with attacks on their candidacy for what people who support them same.

This Council and Manger are being covered in the best light possible and any negativity is being blamed on the past administration. Funny that many people being critical are the exact same ones who bashed Bernie lynch when he did the same to John Cox and his administration.

Just like Mayor Elliot, Campy and the SUN these people are proven hypocrites.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Notes August 24th 2014

  1. GErry this just goes to show you that Murphy, York, and Baldwin do not have the qualifications or the skills to do their respective jobs.

    What bothers me even more I’d that none of them have the integrity to step up and take responsibility for their mistake and instead malign the treasurer.

    Not a good start for this team.

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