6 Year Average on Surveillance in City of Lowell – $26,413.25



Holy Smoke! Just look at the vast amount of money in a multi-million dollar budget that was spent on average in 1 year here in Lowell. A WHOPPING $26,413.25 (Click on link above)

The 6 year total is $158,479.51 less than we are paying the Mayor’s Big Brother, an inexperienced City Manager for 1 years work and mostly (SHOCKINGLY to No ones surprise) it was spent on WORKERS COMP CASES.

HOLY COW! It’s a good thing the Mayor has been so up in arms about the money spent. I mean why not just pay a worker claiming to be hurt $30,000 a year for life…that way we save all the surveillance money.

In her letter to the Manager, the City Auditor also warns the Manager and Council (HELLO ANYONE LISTENING) that even if names are disclosed in “Executive Session” because of confidential settlement agreements they may not be shared.

Maybe we can move on to more important issues now??

5 thoughts on “6 Year Average on Surveillance in City of Lowell – $26,413.25

  1. You have to discount Jerry Flynn’s opinion. Anything that does not put his union membership on a pedestal, showered by rose petals, is evil. #rampantagenda

    Who does Pangi want to be the City Solicitor? Ask him when you see him.

  2. Move on??? Yeah, right after they fire the City Solicitor who used Police/Fire Compensation accounts to spy on City Employees. What a disgrace! Although, clearly this was another “Blunder by Bernie” – the City Solicitor is the legal watchdog for the City who obviously acted like Bernie’s Pitbull – ITS TIME TO PUT HER DOWN!

    • The Solicitor was appointed by then Manager John COX and if you read the auditors report MOST of the Surveillance was for workers’s comp cases. I know you would not approve or condone fraud by a city employee (Police or otherwise) falsely collecting monies belonging to the taxpayer while running their own businesses at the same time. Also money spent of employees sleeping on docks instead of doing inspections isn’t something anyone would condone.

      Finally it is the LAW Dept. NOT the Manager’s Office that orders surveillance. Bernie can be bashed for not firing the head of the water dept. or calling for an end to prolong court cases but when the City spends less than 1% of a $300,000 MILLION Dollar budget to insure Fraud isn’t taking place, I see no issue.

      The issue I have is with frauds and hypocrites like the Mayor grandstanding and making things appear worse than they are.

  3. When councilors decry the expenses being more than the settlements, they are ignoring the costs avoided by the threat of being caught with this type of program in place.

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