Crimes Stats show “Quality of Life” Crimes down – Shootings /Homicide about the same

In early August we heard the the Police report that City of Lowell Sees 23% Drop in Quality of Life Crimes.

What is a “Quality of Life” Crime? theft from motor vehicles (46% decrease), robbery (27% decrease), and vandalisms (59% decrease).

Those are all good signs but many wondered about the shootings and after the tragic events of last week, the homicide rate. So I waited until I could get the answers,

Being fair I looked at the time time frame as the reduction on quality of life crimes. Year to year between 2013 / 2014 during the first six months, it appears that actual shootings where a victim has been shot and murders are pretty much the same with 2013 having 1 more murder and 2014 1 more shooting in that 6 month date range.

YEAR Time Period Homicides
2013 (1/1/13-6/30/13) 2 (knife/shaken baby)
2014 (1/1/14-6/30/14) 1 (knife)

Year Time Period Shootings(actual victim shot)
2013 (1/1/13-6/30/13) 4
2014 (1/1/14-6/30/14) 5

Now I didn’t ask for the number of “reported” shots or in how many instances casing were found,because to me we had an increase in fireworks this tear and sometimes it is hard for callers to distinguish so I just asked the Lowell Police for these actual numbers.

Maybe once a quarter, I will ask for a comparison but I think overall the City seems to be on the right track in making Lowell a better, safer place.

Congratulations to the entire dept. for the work involved in the apprehension of the suspect in the Callahan brothers murder. I’m sure many officers went above and beyond in the amount of time they used (off the clock) in tracking this guy down. I’ve seen that kind of determination before from this department and the citizens of Lowell should be proud of their officers and staff.

1 thought on “Crimes Stats show “Quality of Life” Crimes down – Shootings /Homicide about the same

  1. I May be a bit late – but I would like to see the number of shots fired calls where casings, holes in houses and cars or witnesses were found. According to what I am hearing those stats are up . THat includes 3 in the last 3 days – Thorndike St, Powell St, And Midd;esex this morning.

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