Another Exit from City Hall?


If Rumors around the downtown bubble and in political circles are true, the Sun’s Lyle Moran is leaving the City Hall beat and the Sun in the next few weeks and moving on.

While I did give him the moniker “Cub Reporter” and think his “reporting” is biased and slanted to the political leanings of his bosses (Campy and O’Neil) and that it favors certain Councilors, I wish Lyle well wherever the next stop in his journalism career takes him.

He has always been polite and even though we disagree on many things , he has for the most part been decent when dealing with me. It’s good to go and follow your dreams while you are still young and embrace the opportunities ahead.

He is a talented young man who under proper supervision by an Editor who doesn’t have a personal grudge / agenda could grow to be an outstanding, unbiased and solid reporter.

If you see Lyle around, wish him good luck.

Lyle may not be the only one exiting…H/T to Jack and Lowell Live Feed Facebook Forum..

The City Manager continues to reshape his office and has a post up for an Administrative Asst. (and it’s posted for more than 6 days!)

I believe the person now doing the job is only a temp, so this may be to find a full time person. For a long time there were two admins until one was cut in the layoffs I believe that occurred last year or two years ago. He does have a women on temp. assignment from the Election Office so unless he is creating another new position (has he did with the 3rd Asst. City Manager) you would have to assume that she will be sent back to Elections after the primary or if he husband is successful, reassigned somewhere permanently.

Since the Manager stated one of Kevin Coughlin’s functions is to outreach to the Cambodian Community, maybe the Manager can find a minority to appoint to this position.

Manager Murphy has selected many women and men for his team and to fill Boards and Commissions but not many (if any) have been minority. Having a minority / bilingual person full time in his office would be a sign he is committed to reach out and be accessible to ALL members of the Lowell Community.

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