Inside Herman’s a Councilor’s Head

all wet

If you recall a show named Herman’s got to hear different personalities inside of Herman’s brain talk. The synopsis of the show states: From all appearances, Herman embodies the ultimate young man on the fast track — ambitious, clever and sensible — but viewers are shown that, as in everyone, a struggle of contrasting personality traits are constantly working, and most often arguing, inside his head.

Imagine if you could hear the different personalities inside some City Councilor’s head? Don’t I look “Buff” in this muscle shirt dumping water on my head! /Do I really need another vest for Tuesday Nights? How many times can I plug the SUN and motion to Lyle without being noticed…Is this over yet? I’m not staying past 10:00 to hear these whiners!…Oh wait let’s listen to just one councilor’s inner thoughts interested in the Downtown…..

Oh the horror! Downtown is being overrun by people who don’t have enough “disposable Income” to keep Majors from having to close and try to reopen with a theme designed to try and steal the customer base from The Old Court!

Mr. Manager, get us a report that shows we have to many section 8 and “affordable” housing Downtown..I need to show people how a small business owner is struggling and why we have to get more people with money into the downtown, I’m going to be open for lunch you know!.

We’ll get our buddy Teddy to help, If people come to see the new business next door when it re-opens they might stop in his instead or before or come back and go there after they tried Wicked Irish.

Oh you say that we have 57% Market Rate Units compared to 43% Subsidized and that according to the most resent Census the median Household Income for the downtown is $37,433.00 compared to 2004 when it was $18,468.00 (DAM that Manager Lynch for moving into Lowell and having his salary figured into that average).

That can’t be right, you’re counting streets that really aren’t what people call the “downtown” (Perkins, Reinnasance, etc, are NOT in Downtown Lowell as most define it) and even some of the businesses you state on that report don’t consider themselves to be downtown.

Look at Reinassance on the River’s own website, trying to peddle it’s properties…describes units as a “quick walk to the downtown” instead of “IN downtown”…..see, even they don’t want to be associated with downtown..Okay in fact it says

Renaissance on the River is located just of the Lowell Historic Arts Distict on the outskirts of the UMASS campus. Its a quick walk to the downtown and all the cultural, folk and arts events that is sponsored by the city of Lowell.

(they spell like that stupid Nutter blogger, what does he write for them? I think they mean District and “off”) but see they don’t consider that location to be downtown.

You cannot include Perkins St. and Western Avenue as downtown, in any normal thinking. Ask anybody you want, outside of DPD, if they consider those downtown and the answer is no. Downtown Lowell as we discuss it, and as most people interpret,can only be what “WE” (the downtown self agenda driven business people) refer to as the “Downtown” and we mean Merrimack from LMA up to City Hall, Market St. from Central to Dutton , Middle St., Shattuck St., Central up to Middlesex St., Jackson St. to the Lord Overpass and Middlesex St. only to the Lord Overpass.

Fr. Morrisette /Arcand Drive and the area around the Tsongas / Lelacher Park don’t count in this specific issue. Either does the JAM Plan because they are to far up and away from us or any other St.we don’t want included.

STOP investing money in renovating mills and buildings that required Developers to get Fed. or State loans that include “Affordable Housing”…just give our friends loans from the LDFC and TIFFS and keep out the affordable housing.

Then we we complain about old buildings not be developed or taken care of forget we bitched about allowing developers to build “affordable housing”.

To help us in our cause we found people who agree with us (can’t talk to those section 8 people because they hurt our cause) and we will march them into the radio and City hall(just like those stupid bike people who made Rita flip) and send letters to the SUN and Councilors (who cares if it upsets those in affordable housing / subsidized units, most of them they don’t vote in city elections).

I gotta rest,thinking is very tiring and I’m not used to doing it….

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