Open and transparent government — there’s a lot to like about it, Mr. Manager.

The people of the city pay his salary and they are entitled to know what is going on City Hall. Anything less is a disservice to the people of the city.” Councilor Rodney Elliott 11/1/2011 Lowell Sun Editorial

The Sun wanted the Lynch Administration to have more Transparency – It seems they think the Murphy Administration can operate in the Shadows.

I’ve stated on several occasions that Campy, O’Neil and company over at the SUN had personal grudges against Manager Lynch and the coverage they gave his administration. We know “Mayor” Elliot hated Manager Lynch and blamed him for not getting selected as Mayor by his City Council Colleagues last time out.

The lack of coverage,commentary and any call for transparency whatsoever that now Mayor Elliott and the SUN are giving the Murphy Administration bears out my point.

I was reminded about the Mayor (SUN FLOWER #1) and the Sun’s mock “OUTRAGE” at the hiring of Gregory Lebrecque has Treasurer during the Lynch administration.

Yet Manager Murphy (who referred to Mayor Elliott has “my little brother”) hired a CFO – Asst. City Manager – created and hired a 3rd Asst. City Manager – hired a new Director of Economic Development and promoted – without ever posting– the City’s Community-Development Director position, with not a peep from any City Councilor , the Mayor or the SUN asking about resume’s and who was interviewed.

Of course Manager Lynch wasn’t noted for hiring politically connected people to top positions such as Manager Murphy has done.

The near fact that Rodney – Coughlin and Murphy have been friends for 30 years and worked together for Phil Shea has gotten less play than an loud mouth blogger getting appointed to a city commission. Nothing to see here, move it along!

In case you forgot:Release the names, Mr. Manager Sun, The (Lowell, MA) – Monday, October 31, 2011

City Councilor Rodney Elliott is pressing his case for City Manager Bernie Lynch to releases the names and résumés of the finalists for the $90,000-a-year city treasurer ‘s position that went to the golfing buddy of Tom Moses , the city’s chief financial officer.
Elliott is right in doing so. Lynch’s continuing lack of transparency with hiring issues and public-records requests must be resolved once and for all.

and still more ranting in that Editorial:

O’Connor should know better. There is a significant distinction in privacy expectations between applicants who become semi-finalists and finalists and those who are also-rans.
The Secretary of State’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office have both ruled that privacy is limited in both instances. In her Open Meeting Law Guide, AG Martha Coakley uses the search for a school superintendent as an example

After Mr.Lebrecque told the City he was leaving (showing what a smart man he was, why take the crap of Elliot and Campy?) the SUN ran a 2nd Editorial titled:Treasurer Search: Act II Sun, The (Lowell, MA) – Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That piece of creative writing ended with this line that seems to have been forgotten by the Mayor, City Council and the boys on Dutton Street:(Bold Mine)

Open and transparent government — there’s a lot to like about it, Mr. Manager.

PS: Special Thanks to my wonderful, creative, resourceful and better writer than I, content consultant for their time and energy

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