Throwback Thursday – City of Lowell -Hiring a Treasurer Edition


H/T to a sharp minded reader, who reminded me of this Posting from the Office of the City Manager 2011

My oh my has “Mayor Elliott” shown his true colors amid the Murphy & Friends hiring binge:

City Treasurer
October 26, 2011 by Bernie Lynch, City Manager

Following last evening’s City Council meeting I issued the following statement to the media. I did so, and reprint it here as I felt that the tone and implications voiced regarding the hiring process and my decision to hire Mr. Greg Lebrecque as Lowell’s new Treasurer were unfortunate, unfair and misleading.

Bernie Lynch, City Manager

The City of Lowell publicly sought applications for the open position of City Treasurer. In response to our request, the City received approximately 16 resumes. Of those, six candidates were interviewed by Chief Financial Officer Thomas Moses. After the initial interviews, the CFO forwarded Greg Labrecque for my consideration. Labrecque, the candidate I ultimately selected, comes to the City of Lowell with over 25 years of Massachusetts government experience, 8 years as treasurer and finance director with the Town of Groveland, and 17 years with the State Auditor’s Office. While there, Mr. Labrecque rose to the level of an audit supervisor. He holds a BA in business administration and is also a certified municipal treasurer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Tom has known Mr. Labrecque on a professional basis for over 10 years, initially as a result of Mr. Labrecque’s work on the Groveland Finance Committee and more frequently, through various municipal finance professional organizations. Tom has also participated in an out of-state group golf outing that Mr. Labrecque also attended. Over this 10 year period, this has occurred 3 times, most recently, this past month. Both Tom’s professional association and familiarity with this candidate was disclosed prior to my selection of Mr. Labrecque. I also relied on independent references from my own network of municipal managers and finance officials, including our current financial and bond advisors. Among these references was our external auditor who highly recommended Mr. Labrecque as someone who possessed the ability and personality to address many outstanding issues in this office. Mr. Labrecque was not the only candidate for this position who has enjoyed a long term professional association, as well as limited social interaction with, Mr. Moses.

Despite the reckless accusations of Councilor Elliott, Mr. Labrecque is not a close personal friend of Tom’s. He is a fellow professional and certified municipal treasurer who has, over the years, very limited social interaction with Tom. For example, they have never even been to each other’s homes. In fact, one of the benefits that Tom has brought to the City of Lowell is a solid network of state and municipal financial contacts.

I believe that tonight’s actions by Councilor Elliott crossed a clear line set forth in Section 107 of the City’s Charter. Section 107 prohibits Council interference with the City Manager’s municipal appointments and is designed to keep politics out of the hiring process. My commitment to the City of Lowell has been to bring the most qualified individuals to service in the City. Tom Moses has proved to be an outstanding CFO and I am confident that Mr. Labrecque will prove to be a successful treasurer that the citizens of Lowell will be fortunate to have working on their behalf. I look forward to Mr. Labrecque joining our financial team on November 7th.

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