Another a “charade” to conduct interviews, Posting?


Town Accountant/Chief Financial Officer Town of Middleton Salary range: $80,000 – $92,000(posted 8/1 exp. 9/1)
Assistant City Auditor City of Chelsea $51,735.99 – $67,271.44(posted 7/29 exp. 8/29)
Assistant City Planner City of New Bedford Salary range: $54,708-$66,732 (posted 8/1 exp. 9/1)

City Treasurer/Tax Collector/Parking Clerk $87,310.08 -$102,552.84 Please Post ~ August 4, 2014 Deadline ~ August 15, 2014

Have you noticed that under Manager Murphy, Lowell doesn’t Post Jobs very long? If you look at the The Massachusetts Municipal Association Website for job postings, most posting are at least a month in length. Murphy post for 6-10 days for positions he has direct hiring over. Remember his posting for Asst. City Manager? 6 days!

I’m no expert but I’d say probably…under 2 weeks in August is not a good way to get someone with experience but his “team” doesn’t have much financial experience to date.

So I have to wonder when this “process” is over are we going to see the Manager quoted in the paper saying “It would have been a “charade” to conduct interviews, like he did a few weeks ago? Should we expect when he announces the hiring of a ‘New Team member” another City Councilor connected employee?

Let’s hope whoever this person is they have the backing of the Manager over the employees who are backstabbing the current Treasurer and the common sense to honor contracts that have been awarded after legal bid processes. (Rumors continue to swirl that the Manager wants to shank Eastern Bank even though they won a bid).

To hell with the Save the Pools program they sponsored a few years ago, that was under the Old Manager! They don’t have their home Office in Lowell so out they go!

Funny but the Manager’s Law Office wasn’t located in Lowell either when he was in Business nor is it in Lowell now and yet he was Welcomed by this City Council with open arms!

The Law Offices of Kevin J. Murphy
One Courthouse Lane
Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824

Based on the Mayor’s actions along with the Manager’s I guess we can say that the motto for this Mayor/Admin combo is “Do what we say now, not what we did then!”

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