Random Thoughts on a Thursday

“Why do we love the idea that people might be secretly working together to control and organise the world? Because we don’t like to face the fact that our world runs on a combination of chaos, incompetence and confusion.”
― Jonathan Cainer

I appreciate that people want to keep an eye on the political activity here in Lowell but can we PLEASE STOP ASSUMING EVERYTHING that happens is a Conspiracy? ULowell received good news that may help expand the Tsongas Arena and right away it’s connected to Moving the High School out of Downtown??? Please even I am not that cynical.

Former Asst. City Manager / current UMAss Lowell guy Adam Baacke explains the expansion plans:The Tsongas annex that is the subject of this funding is being considered as an addition to the rear of the Tsongas Center (where the original building design made modest provisions to accommodate one), preserving both the development parcels next to the arena and the other sites the city owns around Cox Circle for private development. The goal is to increase the capacity of the Tsongas Center to host Division 1 men’s and women’s basketball as well as additional events and increase recreational use of the complex by adding a second ice sheet. All of these will draw more people to the area improving the market for a hotel and other potential development. The only connection to lowell high school is that the second ice sheet will help make sure their hockey practice needs can be accommodated along with division 1 basketball.

“Their fierce loyalty to the company and its customers has always been deeply valued,” Artie T Demoulas

I am the only one wondering why we haven’t heard from Artie T this week? If he values the loyalty to the company of so many workers and the loyalty of its customers, then why is he just watching the company his family worked so hard to build be destroyed? The stores are empty, thousand may lose their jobs and customers are shopping elsewhere and paying more. Meanwhile the value and good name of the company is crumbling and the last thing we heard was he offered to buy back the company and that isn’t going anywhere. Is he truly going to allow his cousin to run this into the ground, destroy what his father and family worked so hard to build and allow loyal employees to be unemployed because he can’t be the boss? Isn’t it time for him to ask both those employees and customers who have been so loyal to go back to work and shopping there while the family works this out? Isn’t he in his own way contributing to the death of Market Basket/Demoulas?

I AM WHAT I AM.. La Cage aux Folles

I’ve been critical of City Councilor / Mayor Rodney Elliott but what I really do like about him, is he is who he is and is very comfortable being himself. Listen to this interview with Teddy P and Rodney very calmly and comfortably addresses his reasoning for voting for the budget with the 3.5% tax hike. He also states he voted against every pay raise for employee contracts and is comfortable with doing that because it contributes to having to raise taxes.(The natural follow up question should have been asking about the Manager’s contract, but when you are agenda focused rather than looking to be objective, like the present host is, I should have known that would not be asked). I may not agree with him on many things but I admire his ability to stand up for himself and his being comfortable with being who he is.

shoot off one’s mouth / face, Slang.
a.to talk indiscreetly, especially to reveal confidences, make thoughtless remarks, etc.
b.to exaggerate: He likes to shoot off his mouth about what a great guy he is.

Would the person who is gloating and attacking members of the License Commission Please SHUT UP! You are NOT helping anyone by your constant mouthing off and are only damaging the cause. I watched the License Commission meeting, your issue is with the City of Lowell Law Dept not these Commissioners who in my opinion were led by the 2 Asst. City Solicitors into pulling the Licenses immediately.

If your Lawyer who seems to me to be the brightest Attorney connected with this entire proceedings is correct, the CITY NOT THE LICENSE Commission are the ones who were incompetent and responsible for the events that occurred. STOP BASHING THE LICENSE COMMISSIONERS AND CHAIRMAN!

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. I missed any negative comments on the License Commission, please to point me in the right direction to read what the village idiots have negative comments.

    • In this case it is the former Manager of the establishment that is shooting his mouth off and creating a negative vibe around BOTh establishments and proposed new Manager. He is not acting like the friend he claims to be.

  2. The whole conspiracy theory thing with the UMASS Lowell project is hogwash. The proposed addition sounds like a good thing for Lowell and it is beyond me how they can add a move of LHS into the mix. I think that Joe Smith may have the right of why Artie is so quiet. Doesn’t he own many of the plazas where the stores are located.
    I was impressed BY Rodney Elliott during the recent fire tragedy. He handled himself well and he seemed quite comfortable in that role.

  3. I’m hoping Artie T’s current silence is a result of closely held negotiations to conclude this by the end of the week, so that the job fair starts with hiring back key employees this weekend.

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