City Announces relocation of 11 Polling places

Press Release_Polling Locations

On Folk Festival Friday at 3:00 pm the City sends out a Press release to inform residents that 11 of 20 Polling places have changed.

While I 100% understand the need for these changes and wholeheartedly support them, is the last Friday in July the best time to send out a press release and expect anyone to be paying attention?

Another mis-step by the Law Dept. which runs the Election Division.

I’ve attached the polling locations, here is the Press Release:

Election Commission | Census Office The City of Lowell City Hall • 375 Merrimack Street, Rm. 5 • Lowell, MA 01852 P: 978.970.4000978.970.4000 • F: 978.970.4007

Eda Matchak, Director of Elections

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Polling Locations
Office: (978) 674-1200(978) 674-1200

LOWELL, MA (July 25, 2014) On Thursday, July 24, 2014 the City of Lowell Election Commission voted to relocate eleven of the City’s twenty polling locations. These changes will ensure that polling locations are handicap accessible and compliant with state regulations. The City of Lowell Election Commission collaborated with the City of Lowell Disability Commission, neighborhood leaders and community organizations to provide the best possible polling locations for the voters of Lowell. The Election Commission will continue to make improvements to polling locations to guarantee student safety, equal accessibility and increased voter participation.

The City of Lowell Election Commission would like to thank our new community partners including the Lowell Housing Authority, Lowell Telecommunications, D’Youville Life and Wellness Community and the Christian Church of Restoration.

All voters impacted these changes will be notified by mail prior to Election Day. Below is an updated list of all polling locations throughout the City of Lowell. Sign up for future alerts, notices, and broadcasts from the Election and Census Office via the following web page:

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