Positive, Happy News for Folk Festival Weekend


The Folk Festival starts tomorrow so Lowellians need to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and be nothing but positive over the next few days Welcoming tourist (and their $$) into our City.

Even I’ll be positive and share good news and positive observations:

Manager builds his team:

The City Manager created a 3rd Asst. City Manager position that wasn’t in the budget, did it without any Council approval but the really Good News is there is NO Mention in the breaking news section of the SUN regarding the Manager’s release announcing these hirings and promotions (Rodney Conley to become the data-management analyst) about eliminating the Asst. City Manager Position! (That’s good news for the many Neighborhood Groups and supporters of Henri Marchand who does a great job).

More good news is that longtime Lowell good guy Kevin Coughlin joins the Manager’s DPD staff (Who doesn’t like Kevin). I guess we should be happy and not complain about transparency even when the public doesn’t get told what the salaries are for any of these positions (that seems to be okay with the SUN.) In case you missed it here is the Link to the SUN’s/Lyle Moran’s story:

LOWELL — City Manager Kevin Murphy announced Wednesday that he has hired Mike McGovern as assistant city manager. Murphy also announced he has hired Kevin Coughlin as deputy director of the Department of Planning and Development, and he is also promoting Rodney Conley to become the data-management analyst.

All three will begin their new roles Aug. 1.

The Mayor has done an outstanding job representing the City and dealing with the Community in the wake of the Branch Street Fire. He has been sincere and praised the first responders and others who have assisted the families and honored the victims. Truly he has represented the City well.

The Lowell Sun, WCAP and the Valley Patriot have covered this ongoing Market Basket saga in a highly professional way and have really been supportive of the workers and customers and done a solid job sharing their stories with the public.

The DPD has done a great job spreading the word about the upcoming traffic changes, people know that many streets are being changed to 2-way and it is well publicized.

The Lowell Folk Festival is doing a good job getting word out. I’ve seen TV commercials, heard it talked about on several Boston radio stations and a stream of people on the local radio to promote it.

Finn’s Pub gets to re-open and enjoy Folk festival weekend. Brian’s Ivy Hall also has they won an injunction against the City. Kevin Hayhurst, Ray Weicker and Eric Finn are all Happy that the License Board or City Law Dept. didn’t know Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 138, Section 12, which states that if a license is suspended or revoked “for any particular cause” no action shall be taken to actually seize the license until the license holder has had a chance to appeal to the ABCC. Congrats to Eric and Kevin and keep things positive and in good order boys.

Hey Finn’s is also an Irish Bar! In fact they are truly based on Sun stories the original “Wicked Irish”! *That’s good news for those who like REAL Irish Bars!

There soon may be a Chinese Restaurant located downtown. That’s good news for some.

Hannafords in Dracut is Happy there is another Rally for Market Basket Friday July 25th, the place has never been busier. Dracut School Committee member Mike McNamara was Happy to offer a ride to the rally.

Start humming these songs to get you in a Happy, positive mood:

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Or just sing along with Charlie Brown and Happiness!

Remember for at least this weekend IN SUMMER, do what Teddy Panos wants, forget the negativity of the past, just be happy and positive and let this Council and Administration do whatever they want. Just LET IT GO!

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