Examiner: We did not receive replies from any member of the Lowell City Government,

That’s probably the reason why no one in the city government wants to talk about the deals offered to these officers – they are a shameful embarrassment to the city and there is no justification for them. From the Bay State Examiner

If you go the the Website, here is how the Bay State Examiner describes itself:

The Bay State Examiner is an independent news organization focused primarily on issues of governmental abuse of power and lack of transparency. We investigate the power dynamics between the “public” and the “public servant” and test if our freedoms exist only on paper or if they can be exercised.

Our reporting style differs from the mainstream media in that we get directly involved with our subject matter and take a often adversarial role when dealing with public institutions when they are misbehaving. As George Orwell put it, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

We publish interviews, articles, source documents, and videos. We provide analysis of current events, new laws, court rulings, and governmental policy as it relates to Massachusetts. We plan to launch a podcast to support the published content shortly.

It sounds a lot like the Valley Patriot to me , both papers seeking answers about Government and transparency.Tommy has a lot of other things he offers in his paper but like these reporters, he goes after those who refuse to answer questions.

The Examiner ran a story about Lowell recently that doesn’t paint the Mayor, Council or Manager being very Open or running a Transparent Gov’t ! (then again, the reporter wasn’t named Moran and Teddy, Scotty or Campy weren’t tossing the softballs the questions.)

Here is an excerpt from the story:

On July 1, we contacted the Lowell City Council (including Mayor Rodney Elliott) and City Manager Kevin Murphy through the Lowell government website and asked them to provide insight about the deals they offered. We asked them about their system for determining the success of their police department, and for what, if any, offense they would fire a police officer. We also asked when the hearings would be for the two officers who rejected the deals and if they would be public.

We did not receive replies from any member of the Lowell city government, so on July 8, we traveled to Lowell to to ask our questions in person.

We first tried to speak to City Manager Kevin Murphy, who is responsible for offering the deals. Murphy sent out his assistant, Karen Moynihan, who told us that he would not meet with us and that all he would say was “no comment.”

Moynihan did confirm that Murphy had read the questions we sent in. When asked why we had to show up in person to get the “no comment,” Moynihan could not provide an answer. Lowell taxpayers are slated to pay Murphy $175,000 and Moynihan $55,710 respectively next year.

We hoped the mayor’s office might be willing to instruct the city manager to meet with us, so we asked the mayor’s assistant Celine Gettings for help. Gettings assured us that she would bring the matter to Mayor Elliott’s attention and have him read the questions we sent.

A week later, Maya returned to follow-up and Gettings explained that the mayor would not instruct Murphy to speak with us and that he would not comment on any of the questions, claiming they are related to “an ongoing legal matter.” Maya was then referred to the Law Department even though our questions all regard decisions made directly by the the city manager and other city officials, some of which were not even directly related to the Brame case.

Despite Gettings’ assurance that the Law Department would answer all our questions, City Solicitor Christine O’Connor hung up on us during a phone call yesterday after being told the call was recorded

Click here to read the full story titled: Is there such a thing as a fire-able offense at the Lowell Police Department?

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