Perusing the City Ordinances….


City Ordinances which are available on the City Web site are generally not well know by most of the citizens and I’m sure at least a few of the City Elected officials.

When speculation started earlier this week that the City Manager was doing a reorganization of his office less than 1 month after presenting the City Budget to the Council, I was interested to see what the Ordinances say about the Asst. City Manager position.

(I’m also interested that the newspaper hasn’t brought up this issue and neither has the local morning radio guy except to once again knock anyone who dares question anything against FOT (Friends of Teddy) but I digress.)

I could only find these 2 items relating to the position of Asst. City Manager listed:

Under Neighborhood Services:

Under the authority of the MGL c. 43, § 5, there is hereby established the Department of Neighborhood Services under the jurisdiction of the City Manager in conformity with Plan E, Form of Government. Upon passage of this article the Division of Neighborhood Services in the Planning and Development Division of the City Manager’s office is abolished.

The Assistant City Manager (Operations), who also holds the position of Director of Neighborhood Services, shall be the head of the Department of Neighborhood Services.

And Dept. of Planning and Development

The Department shall be headed by the Assistant City Manager/Director of Planning and Development who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Manager.

In order to allow for the necessary flexibility to permit the Department of Planning and Development to reflect ongoing current organizational responsibilities and to have staff titles reflect ongoing current staff functions, the City Manager shall have the authority to change staff titles and the Table of Organization in said Department. It is further understood that any future changes of staff titles and/or the Table of Organization, as authorized, shall not result in any added or deleted positions without prior approval by ordinance by the City Council. The Table of Organization appears as “Attachment A” and incorporated into this Ordinance.

Interestingly it appears the Assistant TO the Manager under Manager Lynch was the person who oversaw Neighborhood Services while the Ordinance calls for the Asst. Manager of Operation which existed under past Manager but when TJ McCarthy was reassigned to DPW by Manager Lynch, he brought that title with him and it was then given to present Commish Ralph Snow.

A couple other Ordinances caught my eye because discussions about them or related to them have come up from time to time.

With all the talk about Lawsuits involving the City and Councilors not being informed, there is under the City Solicitor section item #3 the following:

He shall annually, in the month of February, make a report to the City Council of the business of his office during the year, stating the suits pending in favor of or against the City at the time of his report, with a brief description of each, and such other information as in his opinion the interests of the City may require.

So why isn’t and hasn’t that been done annually?

The subject of a residency requirement pops up from time to time and interestingly enough, while not mandating living in the City, there is a requirement to live in the State.

A) All officers and employees of the City now in the employ of or hereafter to be employed by the City are hereby required as a condition of the continued employment to have their place of domicile within the commonwealth and to be bona fide residents therein, except as otherwise provided by this article. A bona fide resident, for the purpose of this section, is a person having a permanent domicile within the commonwealth and one which has not been adopted with the intention of again taking up or claiming a previous residence acquired outside of the commonwealth.

B. All officers and employees hereinafter employed by the City shall become bona fide residents of the commonwealth within six months from the dates of their appointment or employment by the City.

C. All officers and employees, once their residence in the commonwealth is established, shall be required to maintain such residence during their employment. Failure to do so shall be determined to be a voluntary termination of employment.

The City Manager or any Councilor could bring in a motion to enforce this at anytime. How many of our employee’s which would include teachers and Dept. Heads live in New Hampshire? Maine? Rhode Island?

Those were just a few items after a relatively quick glance (Yeah I know, I need to get another hobby this is what I do on an off day) but they are available for the public and elected officials to look at and use for motions and reference,

1 thought on “Perusing the City Ordinances….

  1. Gerry,
    A true hobby. I call this fishing, lots of info-fun. Economic enforcement that would change the dynamics of our city . How many neighborhoods would change, our downtown?

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