Manager Murphy Restructuring ?

H/T to Jack Mitchell at Lowell Live Feed for inspiring this post based on his keen observation skills!

During the recently passed City Budget, there was no discussion of a new Asst. City Manager position.

Lowell currently has two Assistant Managers, DPW boss Ralph Snow, P.E. Commissioner and Assistant City Manager and last week Manager Murphy named Diane Tradd as the Assistant City Manager/director of the Department of Planning and Development.

So how come listed on the City Of Lowell Website today there is a posting for an Assistant City Manager?

Based strictly on observation, I would say we are witnessing the restructuring of the Manager’s Office and top staff and we may see jobs combined or titles/salaries changed.

The Manager has a set budget, I would assume he has the right to create a structure he will be comfortable with surrounding himself with both knowledgable and trusted staff. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out,

Will Lowell have 3 Assistant City Manager’s? Will one of the present Asst. be relieved of the title? Might we see the position of Asst. TO the Manager be abolished with the new Asst. Manager position being advertised? Is their another retirement or exit about to take place?

It appears we will have to wait until at least next week to find out and to find out the reaction from City Councilors.

Normally a re-structuring gets vetted through the council or the council is notified in advanced. In their short history this council has shown that when the Manager informs them of something in advance, the SUN or Teddy P know almost has quickly.

It is interesting to note that so far the SUN and the Morning show have not mentioned any restructuring.

How does this Council feel about surprises?

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