Murphy starts Team with solid Foundation

Conor Baldwin

According to the SUN (since the administration doesn’t send out Press Releases yet) and these announcements get sent directly to Councilors who pass them on to the paper (has we have seen often with this Council)…

Diane Tradd was named the assistant city manager/director of the Department of Planning and Development. Unless I am mistaken, Diane becomes only the 2nd woman that I recall to hold the title of Asst. City Manager (Roseanne Riddick being the first). Diane has been a steady worker for the City and brings a solid background to the position.

Everyone who has worked with or met Connor Baldwin will tell you what a bright young man he is. (They’ll also tell you he must have gotten that from his mother’s side). He was named permanent CFO.

The Lynch administration saw the talent early and Connor rose quickly. After spending the past few months working with former Cambridge City Manager Bob Healy I’m sure Manager Murphy saw what a talented, hard working and dedicated young man Connor is.

Bob Healy got his start here in Lowell from former Manager Jim Sullivan (and Mayor Dick Howe) who recognized his talent. I’m betting Bob Healy sees a brighter version of himself in Connor. While Connor may not be a prototypical CFO, with his first hand knowledge of the budget and data tracking ability, he is the new breed of CFO’s.

Some may criticize Manager Murphy for his hiring from within for the Asst. Manager / DPD Post but judging by his other appointments it seems the new Manager recognizes talent and appoints those he respects and wants to work with.

In hiring two people who also worked for the city in the former administration, it shows (at least to me) that this Manager isn’t in place to settle scores or political feuds but instead wants to promote those who he sees as dedicated, talented people who want to work with him for the betterment of the City. Hopefully this will quell some murmuring that Murphy is “after” Lynch people.

It is an A+ hiring in my eyes and if the Sun is correct and Mike McGovern will be joining the administration in some capacity, I’d say Manager Murphy is well on his way to assembling a team that can assist him to keep the financial gains the past administration made while hopefully calming the infighting and negativity some departments have faced and improving the economic development to keep moving Lowell forward.

1 thought on “Murphy starts Team with solid Foundation

  1. Thanks for the scoop. Although you don’t directly say it, apparently Connor Baldwin has been selected as CFO. The administration was obviously impressed with his work when the budget was being developed. I suspect there are some aspects of the job where he will need support, so it may be wise to keep a short string on Bob Healey for awhile. They must be similarly satisfied with the work Diane Tradd has been doing, and coming from within the system should eliminate the need for a long period of coming up to speed.

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