Manager Murphy’s on the Clock


Now that the City Budget has been completed and a new fiscal year has begun, City Manager Kevin Murphy is on the clock. It’s time for the Manager who is almost 90 days into his sentence term to start filling key positions and crafting together his team.

To be sure, former Cambridge City Manager Bob Healy has been a great asset to the city and Manager Murphy has seen first hand the value of Conner Baldwin working with Mr. Healy on the budget but it is time to see Manager Murphy’s team.

Here’s a list that I am aware of that need to be filled:

A full-time CFO / Asst. City Manager who is also DPD Director / Executive Director for the Water Department / Economic Development Director and Building Commissioner.

Soon the July 4th Holiday will be behind us, the Manager starting next week has to start making announcement that he is assembling his team. He needs to show us who and how he will start to carry out his goals that were outlined in the budget and the goals of a City Council who have spent their first six months embarrassing themselves carrying on searches for a City Manager and Auditor.

Many of the Councillors and the Manager have outline Economic Development has a priority issues. This is going to be a major focus and in all likelihood the toughest issue facing the Manager. Since January the news hasn’t been great for the City regarding businesses. Since this Council took over in January, Lowell has seen a list of businesses leaving or downsizing and for a group of Councilors who campaigned on Economic Development this isn’t the news they want.

Autoliv ASP, Inc. Auto safety R&D and manufacturing Lowell 8/1/14 – 12/9/14 93 Jobs to be eliminated Pawtucket Blvd

Genesis HealthCare – Glenwood Center facility Health care Lowell 2/20/14 – 3/20/14 86 Jobs eliminated, business boarded up on Varnum Ave.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Financial Services Lowell
3/31/14 – 12/31/14 60 Jobs being eliminated at the former Wang Towers

Even City Councilor Belanger Chair of the Economic Sub-Committee is closing his downtown business in late July.
(Last I heard his intentions are to try to copy the success of the Old Court a true Irish Pub, by reopening something named Wicked Irish. Good Luck to that.)

Based on Manager Murphy’s appointments to the License and Election Commissions I’m looking forward to seeing him assemble a team to not only keep Lowell financially sound has the Lynch Administration did but to work out the issues in the various city depts. and provide some positive economic growth for the city.

It is a tough task but one he has accepted so beginning Monday July 7th, we expect to see a team announced and an administration to lead Lowell into the next few fiscal years get underway in earnest.

2 thoughts on “Manager Murphy’s on the Clock

  1. He may be best served by leaving Bob Healy in the CFO position indefinitely. The DPD head is a different story, and a dilemma – not enough money to pay for a real leader, and anyone less will be driven nuts by the reactionary members of the city council

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