Sunday Notes June 29th 2014


Did you hear Teddy Panos issue his warning to those that dare speak, post on Facebook, twitter, instagram or on any BLOG or public forum, that if he disagrees with your opinion, if he thinks you are being negative against councilors he supports, against the CVB or anything else that Teddy thinks is good, then he will use the air time he has on the radio station to knock you and your candidacy should you run for public office in Lowell.

If you listened early on Friday, he stated he would go after those he thinks are negative, he has saved Facebook Post. He knows your Facebook friends or groups you belong to, if people who support you , hold signs for you, are your supporters on the ground, and in his opinion are negative or critical in Teddy’s eyes and you don’t publicly chastise them, then he is going after you for what they say.

Knowing that he intends to be nothing but negative towards you, why would you go on or buy airtime on the station?

He said this Friday morning after not only I on Wednesday and the Lowell Sun Column Blog Thursday, but a Facebook discussion, dared suggest and discuss, not accuse, not state has fact, but dare even to bring up the topic that there APPEARED to be a possible conflict of Interest concerning his friend and business neighbor, City Councilor Corey Belanger (They have held at least 1 joint event between the Athenian and Majors).

Let’s not also forget Majors pays (we assume) to advertise on WCAP and that in one such ad Ryan Johnston says something to the affect that “Our own Teddy Panos says Majors has the best Steak Tips in Lowell.

Teddy wants everyone NOW to get along, hold hands, sing “Kumbaya”and proclaim the love for Lowell. Forget the fact that last year, many were beating up the past Administration and Mayor Murphy. Or that WCAP for the first time in my memory, Endorsed a Group of Candidates for Election in Lowell who were mostly anti-Bernie Lynch.

Please show me where and when WBZ 1030 or WRKO 680 EVER endorsed a list of candidates for Boston City Council? It must just be a coincidence that most of those endorsed received financial support from WCAP minority investor Dave Daley (just check the OCPF records). Where was Teddy’s concern about the negativity surrounding then Manager Lynch and Mayor Murphy?

Remember, disgraced and disgruntled former Inspectional Services Department Commissioner Robert Camacho was brought out of Mothballs to attack Lynch in 2013 after resigning ion 2010. There was No legitimate reason to bring him on. He was gone, disgraced and yet they brought him on the Morning Show and used him to attack LYNCH about the LHA. Which is a semi-state run agency, NOT run by the City.

Where was this let’s all play nice together attitude in 2013 when the anti-Lynch people were attacking the former Manager on a regular basis and you were using disgraced ex city workers to help them? Why was that negativity okay but now that your binkies are in office, no negative words may be spoken?

In my opinion Teddy Panos and for that matter George Anthes are no different than myself, Lynn, Jack, Tom Duggan or Dick Howe. We are all people with a voice and a forum who are not afraid to express our opinion. Teddy and George are nothing more than glorified bloggers who are on the radio/local public access. While they probably reach a far greater amount of people, they are just as negative, biased and critical has they accuse others of being.

The big difference is most of us know exactly who we are and what we do. Ted and George especially, try to pretend to be “professional”, unbiased, above the fray and fair. They are not and Teddy at least admitted it to the listening audience on Friday,

Teddy protects Corey, Rodney and those Councilors and power brokers who seem to feed him information. George protects Ed Kennedy, Rita (Monday Night Super Club) and Brian Bond (because Brian does his show and invites George on his show in Dracut.)

You can accuse me of protecting Bernie (while you choose to forget my attacks on him regarding the IG letter, the Fire Alarm Boxes, The comment on the open Mic against Rodney, my defending Rodney’s daughter, the Bathroom issues at the Soccer field, the removing of the trash barrels throughout the city) or Jean Franco or John Leahy because that serves your argument. I get the last word here. Just as they do on their shows.

The difference is I call the situation as I see it on a case by case basis. If I agree I support you, if I disagree I whack you. Rita Mercier, Jim Leary, Connie Martin, Kevin Murphy and Kristen Ross Sitawich can all vouch to that being true.

Both Teddy and George love to dish it out but get upset and offended when they are called out. They usually ask: What did I do? I let everyone on! I welcome discussion. Yes they do, just has long as they can control the discussion and get in the last word. (The exact thing some accuse the host of Saturday Morning Live of doing),

So if you are thinking about running for office in Lowell and don’t agree with Ted Panos and are willing to be critical of this council or say anything that can even be considered to be negative, save your $$ and time and skip advertising or appearing on the Morning Show.

You’ve been WARNED!

1 thought on “Sunday Notes June 29th 2014

  1. you have to understand that Teddy Pannos is just a fry cook at his family ‘s place of business who took the job on WCAP for free just to get on the air. He has never run for office nor be involved in an election that I know of, so who cares what he and his 6 listeners think. Besides doesn’t he work for that screw ball who wears his military uniform all over the place in violation of army rules. Jerry I would not worry about Teddy P he has nothing

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