A “Major” mistake or just taking care of your friend?


From all accounts it was a very busy weekend in Downtown Lowell with the Great Race in town. Many restaurants had a good crowd but I’m hearing from multiple people, that some owners were a little upset when they heard the following,

Volunteers at the race were directed by Deb Belanger to direct drivers to Majors for dinner.

Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsored the event, Belanger is the Executive Director.

Some volunteers I am told felt it wasn’t right or fair to be told to send them just to one location.

So it is a big deal or is it just a friend helping out a friend? Is there a conflict with the fact that the Owner of Majors is a City Councilor who votes for city funds to be used for the Convention and Visitors Bureau?

Why direct volunteers to send racers directly to one restaurant? Downtown has plenty to choose from. Cobblestones, the Athenian Corner and LaBoniche are all just has close.

Was it A “Major” mistake or just an example of a friend taking care of a friend?

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