Manager Murphy proposes qualified woman for License Commission

City Manager Kevin Murphy has selected downtown Lowell resident Nancy McGovern to fill the 5th spot on the Lowell License Commission.

Nancy is a longtime Lowellian who has been involved since an early age in the city. At one time she worked for State Rep. Tom Golden, Lowell General and now works for AFSCME Council 93.

With her experience in the private sector, in the legislature and being a resident of the downtown, Nancy brings unique qualifications to this position.

This will fill the last vacancy on the board setting the new expanded commission with a mix of 3 men and 2 woman serving the City.

I believe this is her first time serving on a city board and is another solid appointment by this Manager.

The Sun (or at least the Headline Writer) apparently has an issue with Nancy’s job, today’s headline is biased and unfair to to this woman. Nancy is much more than a political operative. She is a strong, independent and professional woman who will be an asset to the City License Commission.

Political operative proposed for Lowell License Comm.

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