Sun Story and Editorial still show Lynch Bias by Newspaper

GN: Not Back to full time posting but shared these thoughts on Facebook and decided to share them here also.

1) Hopefully the Mayor is somewhat more Knowledgeable than today’s SUN article leads one to believe. In the article it states ” The city hired Jean Musiker, the former general counsel for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, to defend four library employees against complaints filed by Deuso and Cloutier, The Sun recently reported.

In fact this Lawyer is representing not only these 4 but the former city Manager, HR Director and I believe 1 or two others.

In addition since these workers are entitled to have their own Lawyers, they could possibly be saving the city money by allowing 1 lawyer to represent them. Should the City try to force a settlement that any of these individuals don’t agree with, they have the right to hire another attorney who looks after their interest and could cost the city more money.

You would think being Mayor and serving for 16+ years, he would understand the indemnification clause these city workers have.

The Solicitor should be praised for getting all these individuals to agree to be represented by this lawyer. Imagine the expense and time required if all 6 individuals had wanted their own lawyers?

Maybe if Councilors tended more to what the Plan E charter calls for rather than sticking their nose into day to day operations, some of these disgruntled employees wouldn’t be so sue happy. The Mayor and others with uninformed statements just feed these people into continuing with these type of actions.

2) Today’s Sun Editorial per usual lacks some vital points. Instead of stating ALL the facts it omits some in order to continue their (and some Councilors) agenda against former City Manager Lynch.

For example they state in the editorial: major scandals involving stolen money and materials surfaced in the Parking Department, Clerk’s Office and Water Department.

They fail to note that before the Lynch Administration installed the Parking Kiosk , no one knew who was taking $$ or how much cash was missing from the old meters. It was using the new technology that discovered the missing money. Is Lynch to blame for the Dept. head not reporting the thief to the Manager?

Regarding the Clerk’s Office, the Editorial fails to mention that the CITY COUNCIL NOT the Manager’s Office is responsible for the Clerk. He is one of 3 people that the Council hires and oversee’s. Where was the Fiscal Watchdog and the over site by the Council?

The Water Dept. issues are plentiful but the Editorial neglects to mention that it was the City Council who voted NO when the Manager wanted to bring in water meters that could be read from the Water Plant rather than a home or business visit and that he had to bring that back to the Council a 2nd time before it was passed and because of that according to Manager Murphy the completion is 2 years away.

The SUN has had an anti Lynch agenda for the past few years and cannot and will not has long as Jim Campanini is around ever be totally unbiased and fair regarding the former Manager.

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